We are Telephone Harassment, a consumer-friendly platform dedicated to protecting your rights against the nasty tactics employed by many banks, debt collection agencies, and telemarketers to collect debt and sell products. 

As a result of the services and information we provide daily, consumers like you have a safe space to find professional help, share your stories, connect with other people in similar situations who can offer support, look up an anonymous caller, and get in touch with a free, qualified attorney to represent you in your case of telephone harassment where necessary. 

We believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to collect debt. This is why we are dedicated to equipping you with the right resources and tools you need to ensure that your consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Fair Credit reporting Act are not violated, and that you are accorded the dignity and respect worthy of your person. 

We provide you with clock-round live support because ensuring that your consumer rights are protected is the single most important thing to us. At Telephone Harassment, we solve the biggest problem common to most consumers today and work tirelessly to ensure that you live a happy life free from intimidation and debt collection harassment. 

In conjunction with our sister platform Consumer Rights Law firm, a top-rated and A+ BBB accredited law firm, we actively fight for the rights of hardworking Americans like you. Our passion fuels our dedication to get justice for you, as we have done for thousands of other hardworking Americans in the 10 years that we have been in operation. We are both proud of and humbled by the fact that we can actively contribute our share towards ensuring a safer environment for consumers like you. We are also committed to ensuring your privacy; thus, you can rest assured that whatever information you give to us stays between us (read more about our privacy policy here).

By reading our blog daily, you can gain access to ample information about several collection agencies, their scare tactics, and how to find help. We also provide a forum to help you receive support and lend a helping hand to others as well. We give you free legal counsel (with no obligations attached), and help you assess whether or not you have a solid case against your bank, telemarketing service, or debt collection agency. We also connect you with experienced and pre-qualified legal assistance to represent you in court and win you the compensation that you deserve. The best part? You do not have to pay us a dime.

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