Is your debt collector bothering you with unwanted calls several times a day? Have they continued to put these unsolicited calls through to you even after you have written, expressly telling them to stop contacting you? 

Excessive calls are not only harassing, thankfully, they are unlawful as well. If your debt collector has continued to call you, especially after you have sent them a cease and desist letter, they are not acting according to the rules prescribed by the law through the FDCPA and TCPA. You can sue such a debt collector and get a compensation north of $1000, alongside a free lawyer and other benefits. 

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How many phone calls constitute harassment?

You do not necessarily have to receive a specified number of calls for you to have a valid harassment charge; even one or a few calls can be very intimidating. However, if a debt collection agency is incessantly calling you (especially after you have clearly expressed your wish not to be contacted again), you may have stronger proof of telephone harassment. It becomes even better if you are able to provide evidence of these excessive, unlawful phone calls.