Getting a text message that you do not want to receive – for the 10thtime – is just as annoying as it is unlawful. As a consumer in the United States, your telephone rights are protected by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. No telemarketer, bank, or debt collection agency has the right to spam your phone with unwanted text messages. Here is how to block spam texts from flooding your phone:

  1. Ask them to stop: if you are receiving spam text messages from legitimate organization that you know, or that you have conducted business with, ask to be taken off their call list. If the organization is operating within the confines of the TCPA, they will honor your wishes. 
  2. Forward the text message to SPAM: regardless of what phone you use, you can forward unwanted text messages to SPAM (7726, which spells ‘spam’). Most of the major carriers in the US participate in this feature and they will use that information to try to block future spammers.
  3. Put your number on the “Do-not-call” registry: if all else proves unsuccessful, you can put your number on the national DNC registry and have any unwanted calls reported directly to the Federal Trade Commission. You can do this easily by sending a cease and desist teller. If you do not know how to create a cease and desist letter, we will be happy to create one for you; call us on (877) 700-5790, or enter your details into the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Why am I getting spam text messages?

You may be getting spam messages because you have granted your permission to receive text messages from an organization. If you have not given your permission to be sent such messages, then the organization is not in compliance with TCPA rules. If you granted your consent, the organization is required to provide a quick and easy method through which you can opt out from receiving these messages. Call us on (877) 700-5790 if this option is not available, or fill the form above and we will contact you within 24 hours,