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Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc debt harassment?

Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc debt harassment?

Nobody likes to receive phone calls from someone they would rather not talk to. The situation becomes even worse when the caller refuses to respect your privacy as they are constantly calling and leaving you voice messages. This is most especially true when the caller is from a debt collection agency like Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc., calling to talk about your debt and ask you when you intend to pay up.

If the caller were to be an old friend you would rather not meet up with, you may be able to avoid them. However, if it happens to be Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. calling, then you have no choice but to face the situation head-on.

What you may not realize is that the law requires Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc to respect your privacy. Both the FDCPA and the TCPA are acts that dictate laws that Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. is obligated to follow.

What are the FDCPA and TCPA Laws?

FDCPA stands for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law which was initially passed in 1977 and was amended in 1996 states that all debt collectors have to protect the rights of their consumers in whatever measures they employ to collect their debt. The law was passed in response to the increasing complaints of consumers about the methods debt collection agencies were using to get people to pay their debts.

TCPA, on the other hand, stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act which was passed in the year 1991 in response to complaints about unsolicited telephone marketing calls and messages from consumers.

In a nutshell, both the FDCPA and the TCPA frown at telephone harassment from organizations like Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. These debt collection agencies know this but because they assume not many people know about the laws, they keep on with the harassment. However, it is time for you to use these laws to your advantage. Before we get to that though, you might be wondering…

What exactly counts as harassment according to each law?

According to the FDCPA, Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. have been harassing you if

  • They have been calling you repeatedly and too frequently. The FDCPA regards phone calls more than 7 times a day as too frequently.
  • They call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • They make threats at you, your properties, or your job
  • They speak to you in a derogatory manner and hurl abusive words at you
  • They hike the amount of debt you are owing whether on purpose or not
  • They add expenses, fees, and charges that were not in your initial loan agreement to your debt amount
  • They disclose information about your debt to unauthorized third parties
  • They do not inform you of your right to dispute the debt

The TCPA, on the other hand, counts telephone harassment as when

  • The calling party fails to provide his/her name, the name of the organization or individual they are calling for, and how that person/organization can be contacted
  • The charges of the call would be on you, the receiving party
  • Mechanisms such as automated and prerecorded messages, SMS text messages, and fax machines are used
  • Unsolicited advertisements are sent to consumers through fax

The TCPA goes on to say that should any of these laws be breached, you may be entitled to a sum of $500 per each law that Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. has breached.

Appropriate measures to handle a phone call from Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc.

As debt collection agencies can always change the phone numbers they use to contact you, you might find yourself having them on the other side of the phone more times than you would like. Whenever they do call, you should

  • Make sure to not engage the caller. Try to wrap up the conversation as soon as possible
  • Hang up if need be, especially if the caller begins to threaten or oppress you
  • Always record the phone call so you can have evidence against them
  • Make sure to not share any other information about yourself with them
  • Seek professional legal advice from an A+ accredited lawyer 

If you would rather have them not call you at all, then you should consider sending them a cease and desist letter

What is a cease and desist letter and what does it do?

Typically sent by mails, with a cease and desist letter, you are demanding that Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. desists from contacting you. While this will in no way waive your debt or reduce the amount you owe, it is very effective in keeping debt collection agencies at bay. They would have to find some other way to prompt you to pay up the debt other than by contacting you.

Once they receive it, they are bound by the law to not contact you again except they want to acknowledge that they have received it or they want to inform you that they would be taking an action such as filing a lawsuit against you.

How else can you stop Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. from harassing you?

  • You can hire an attorney to whom you can refer all the calls from Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc.
  • You can file a suit against them in the court of law
  • You can complain to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who would then examine the allegation against Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. to determine what kind of penalty is appropriate
  • You can contact us via 844-791-1990. We frown against telephone harassment and we would advise you appropriately.
About Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc.

Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. is a third-party debt collector located in Orange, California. They are a licensed and bonded collection agency, specializing in almost every collection need, such as customized delinquent accounts receivable solutions and credit bureau reporting.

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1045 W Katella Ave Ste 230

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Phone: (888) 771-3690

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Adler Wallach & Associates Inc; AWA Collections

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