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Stop the intimidation from Advanced Financial Company

Stop the intimidation from Advanced Financial Company

What’s worse than owing debts and being behind on your payment? Getting constant phone calls every other day from Advanced Financial Company about it! Getting unsettling and unwanted calls from debt collection agencies puts too much pressure on you, affects your mental health, and triggers your anxiety. If Advanced Financial Company has been calling too much, then chances are that they have broken phone harassment laws.

Is there such a thing as Debt collection harassment?

Yes, there is. Way back in 1977, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was passed. This act states that all debt collectors have to prioritize the rights of their consumers when it comes to the means and methods that they use to collect their debt. Harassing you with phone calls does not protect your rights neither does it prioritize it. At what point, then, does the FDCPA say a debt collection agency like Advanced Financial Company begins to harass you and use methods that violate your rights?

  • When they talk to you in a derogatory manner and hurl insults and abusive words at you
  • When they call you more than 7 times a day
  • When their phone call comes in before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • When they include charges and fees that are not specified by the law into your debt amount. If it is not included in your original loan agreement, they have no right to mention it
  • When they state the wrong value as your debt amount. Debt collectors cannot afford to make the mistake of incorrectly interpreting loan amounts
  • When they threaten to harm, sue you, and make you lose your job and properties
  • When they do not inform you of your right to dispute the bill
  • When they fail to keep the details of your debt private. The only people who should know about your debt are your parents (if you are a minor), your attorney, the creditor, the creditor’s attorney as well as any other person you have authorized them to share it with. Anybody outside of these, then they have violated the law.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) also protects you from harassing calls from Advanced Financial Company. The act was initially passed in 1991 as a response to repeated complaints from consumers about how unwanted telephone calls and excessive prerecorded messages from telemarketers were disturbing them. In order to protect consumers like yourself, the TCPA forbids telemarketing companies and organizations like Advanced Financial Company from making use of

  • Automatic dialing machines
  • Prerecorded messages
  • Fax machines
  • SMS text messages

It also goes on to prohibit them from sending you unsolicited fax advertisements. Also, the telephone solicitation representative is required by the law to mention his/her name, the name of the company or individual on whose behalf they are calling as well as the address and phone number where that company or individual can be reached.

Should Advanced Financial Company violate any of these rules, you may be entitled to $500 per each violated rule.

Now that Advanced Financial Company has violated these rules, what can you do?               

  • Hire a qualified debt collection lawyer and file a harassment suit in court against Advanced Financial Company. As already stated, damages are set at up to $1000.
  • Make a complaint against Advanced Financial Company to the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC would determine what the appropriate penalty against the debt collector agency is.
  • Call us on 844-791-1990 for more inquiries

What then should you do the next time Advanced Financial Company calls you?

  • If the telephone representative is rude and uses abusive words, do not reciprocate
  • End the call when you deem it fit
  • Make sure to always record the phone calls as it could serve as evidence, should you go to court
  • Never share your personal details with the caller. A telephone representative from Advanced Financial Company has no business asking what your credit card number is.
  • Save the number you are being called with so you know not to pick up the call next time

What if you don’t want Advanced Financial Company to ever contact you again?

There are two things you can do if you do not wish to receive more unwanted calls from Advanced Financial Company. You can mail them a cease and desist letter where you let them know that you would rather they do not contact you again. This is very effective and the only times they can contact you again is either when they want to acknowledge that they have received the letter or when they want to notify you that they will be taking an action such as filing a lawsuit against you.

You should, however, keep in mind that a cease and desist letter would have no effect on your debt amount. Advanced Financial Company simply has to use other methods accepted by the law to get you to pay the debt.

It is, however, more advisable to hire an attorney and then let all calls from Advanced Financial Company be referred to him/her.

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