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Stop Allegiance Accounting Services LLC now

Stop Allegiance Accounting Services LLC now

Is Allegiance Accounting Services LLC constantly bothering and harassing you because you’re behind in paying your debt? Are you tired of their consistent calls and messages? Are you being threatened and do you feel unsafe due to the messages they send and things they say to you? Do they call you and use profane and threatening words? Are you searching for a way to get them to stop the consistent disturbance?

The FDCPA was designed to protect you and other consumers from wrong and illegal debt collection methods. The law clearly outlines certain regulations that debt collectors must adhere to. These regulations frown at illegal behaviours and limit the number of calls that debt collectors can make.

If Allegiance Accounting Services LLC is providing you with false and misleading information, calling you outside 8 am and 9 pm, using profane and abusive language on you and calling you non stop, they maybe violating the FCDPA rules and there is something you can do about it.

What to do if Allegiance Accounting Services LLC keeps calling you.

If Allegiance Accounting Services LLC keeps calling you for a debt that is not yours, you have the option of calling them on the phone and explaining, but this may not be a perfect solution if your call is answered by an automated message.

You can write a letter to Allegiance Accounting Services LLC telling them with proof that the debt is not yours.

If the debt is yours, you can ask them to stop calling you via phone call also. You have a right under FDCPA to choose the channel through which they contact you.

If a debt collector violates your rights under FDCPA, you can sue them.

Is Allegiance Accounting Services LLC a legitimate collection agency?

Yes, Allegiance Accounting Services LLC was founded three years ago according to the Better Business Bureau.

Since 2018 there have been 14 complaints lodged against Allegiance Accounting Services LLC on issues ranging from attempting to collect a debt not owed to false statements.

Verify if it is your debt

Due to the rise in fraudulent activities and scams in debt collection, it is pertinent that you confirm if a debt is actually yours before you take any further action.

You may actually be getting calls from scammers and not real debt collectors whom you owe.

If you suspect that a debt you’re being contacted about is not yours, ask the collectors to send you a written validation notice explaining how much you owe and the creditor whom you owe within the duration of five days after their first contact with you.

About Allegiance Accounting Services LLC

Allegiance Accounting Services LLC is a third-party debt collector located in Buffalo, New York. They are a full-service accounts receivable management company specializing in collection and recovery solutions.

Contact Information

392 Pearl St, Ste 302

Buffalo, NY 14202-2210


Phone: (877) 350-3394

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Allegiance Accounting Services LLC BBB Information

BBB file opened: 9/23/2018

Consumer Rights Law Firm Center BBB information

BBB Rating: F

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