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Has Amsher Collection Services, Inc. violated your rights?

Has Amsher Collection Services, Inc. violated your rights?

Regardless of if it is a student loan debt, medical debt, or mortgage, Amsher Collection Services, Inc. is most likely calling to prompt you to pay off those debts. Many debt collectors have, however, been known to cross the line.

If you have been getting endless and disturbing calls from Amsher Collection Services, Inc., then you know that there is a fine line where debt collection can easily become debt collection harassment. You may have made countless complaints about the calls but they have all fallen on deaf ears.

Amsher Collection Services, Inc. might have taken it a step further by saying your debt gives them the right to call you as often as they please. they might have also given you wrong information just so they can scare you into paying your debt. This is seriously out of line.

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) says that when it comes to debt collection, all debt collectors have to act to protect the rights of their customers. This does not mean that the debts would be written off. It only restricts the means and methods that Amsher Collection Services, Inc. can employ to get you to pay off your debt. It also goes on to state that you can get compensated for any FDCPA violation claim, as you are a victim of debt collection harassment.

About Amsher Collection Services, Inc.

Amsher Collection Services, Inc. is a third-party debt collector located in Hoover, Alabama. The family-owned debt collection agency has been in business for 34 years (since 1986) and conducts both commercial and consumer collections. They handle every sort of unsecured debt, such as utilities, cable, phone, retail, and health care.

Contact Information

4524 South lake Pkwy STE 15,

Hoover, AL35244-3271


Phone: (205) 322-4110

What counts as FDCPA violation for Amsher Collection Services, Inc. and as harassment to you?

• Repeated, frequent calls from debt collectors mean that they are not complying with phone harassment calls. Calling you more than 7 times a day amounts to a case of harassment according to the FDCPA.
• Calls, before 8 am or after 9 pm, counts as telephone harassment
• Use of abusive, rude, or offensive words while speaking with you, counts as a case of harassment. The law allows you to report such an incident to the police.
• Threatening to harm, sue you, cause you to lose your job or properties or to destroy your credit counts as harassment
• Telling you to make payments of interests or expenses not specified by the law is harassment. Debt collectors are not allowed to add charges or fees that your original loan agreement does not include.
• Asking you to pay more than the amount you owe is harassment. Debt collectors are not allowed to make mistakes when it comes to interpreting loan amounts.
• Failing to inform you of your right to dispute the debt goes against phone harassment laws
• Repeatedly calling the wrong number also goes against the phone harassment laws
• Informing a third party about your debt without your consent is harassment. All details about your debt ought to be kept private. Only the creditor, your attorney, the creditor’s attorney, a credit reporting agency as well as your partners, or parents for minors are allowed to get information about your debt.

How to deal with unwanted calls

• Stop picking up calls from unknown or strange numbers
• Resist the urge to engage the callers: Most debt collectors attempt to make numerous threats in a bid to get you to become emotional. Don’t let them get to you.
• End the call when you deem it necessary: If the debt collector starts getting rude or using abusive words or fails to identify him/herself, then you should end the call.
• Save all harassing messages you get on your voice mail as evidence
• Do not share your personal information such as card details with any debt collector, especially the anonymous ones.
Employ the services of a qualified debt collection lawyer

Other Laws that protect you

It is not only the FDCPA that protects your rights as a consumer. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) does as well. The TCPA was initially passed in 1991 because consumers kept complaining about the unsolicited telephone marketing calls being made to them, as well as the constant use of prerecorded and automated messages. The FCC responded to these complaints by establishing laws that state that all telephone solicitation representatives must mention their names, the name of the individual or organization for whom they are making the call, and an address or phone number where that individual or organization can be contacted.

The use of fax machines, prerecorded voice messages, automated dialing machines, and SMS text messages are also not allowed by the TCPA. It also bans any call whose charge would be made to you, the receiving party. Finally, the act bans the sending of unsolicited fax advertisements to customers without their consent. If any of these TCPA laws are breached, then you may be awarded $500 in damages for each breach. You can make a request in writing to not be contacted again and the law mandates them to adhere to your request.

What to do if Amsher Collection Services, Inc. violates your Telephone rights

If Amsher Collection Services, Inc. violates your rights, it means you may have a case against them. Here’s what you can do:
• Seek legal counsel and file a suit in court for each violation. Damages are set at $500 for each violation. However, it may be more in some cases.
• Submit a complaint against Credit Bureau Associates-Northeast, Inc. to the FCC. The FCC will then go on to determine the suitable penalty against the debt collection agency.
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