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Is AR Resources Harassing you with Calls?

AR Resources Telephone Harassment?

Have you been putting up with consistent and disturbing calls from AR Resources? Are the calls continuous and threatening your peace of mind? Are they feeding you with wrong and misleading information? Do you feel harassed and do not know what to do? Have you wondered if there was a way to get these calls to stop? Do you need information on what the law has to say about this disturbance?

There are laid down regulations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which debt collectors must adhere to when contacting their consumers. These regulations limit the actions of debt collectors and help protect your right in the context of debt collection. When debt collectors violate any of these rights, you can sue them and get up to $1000 in statutory damages.

Laws under the TCPA

TCPA is an abbreviation for Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. It was signed into law by President George Bush. This law protects the right of consumers by restricting certain phone calls and text messages from Telemarketers.

The Law was created in response to the concerns of consumers on the issue of unsolicited phone calls and messages.
Consumers rights are violated and should file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission if systems like prerecorded messages, automatic dialing systems and artificial voice messages are used to contact them.
According to the TCPA, telemarketers who have not received prior permission from call/messages recipients should not call their residences outside of the hours of 8am to 9pm. Fax messages containing advertisements are also prohibited.
The FCC laid down laws which demand that when debt collectors call, they must provide you with their name, valid telephone number or address and the entity they represent.
Telephone solicitors should not call you using a Robo-call without your consent. They should not place calls to your resident outside 8am and 9pm. When you request not to be contacted again, the law requires them to comply.


If AR resources has contacted you using any of the following, you may have a case against them:

  • Making calls for which the charge is made to you
  • Using auto dialers
  • Using artificial or prerecorded messages
  • Sending unsolicited advertisements via fax without your prior consent

FDCPA violations  

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that restricts the actions of third-party debt collectors. It is aimed at ceasing unfair, deceitful, and offensive debt collection practices.

Some FDCPA violations include:

  • Using deceptive means to collect the debt.
  • Disclosing information about your debt to third-parties
  • Making threats to arrest or sue you when it is not permitted
  • Calling to insult, harass or abuse you
  • Communicating with you at your workplace
  • Calling you at odd hours (Before 8am or after 9pm)

What to if AR Resources keeps calling

If you keep getting phone calls from AR Resources, it may get overwhelming and disturbing but the knowledge of your rights and what to say when the calls come in will make it easier. First, you have the choice of picking, ignoring or hanging the call; you do not have to feel pressured to answer their phone calls. If you decide to answer the phone call, do not disclose your personal information to the caller or say things that suggest that you affirm the debt. Keep a written record of the date and time that the collector calls.

If you have confirmed that it is a debt you actually owe, tell the collector what plans you have in place to pay up. if you can not afford to pay, you should also tell them. Avoid making promises you can not keep or losing your temper.

Stop getting unwanted calls from AR Resources

To stop getting excessive calls from AR Resources, you have a number of options. The first step is to make a written request asking them to stop contacting you (a cease and desist letter) the FDCPA allows this. After this letter, the debt collector should only contact you for two reasons; to tell you that they are ending communication or to tell you that they are taking legal actions against you.

If after sending the cease and desist letter, they still contact you for reasons other than the two mentioned above,  you can sue them for violations and get them to pay for damages.       


About AR Resources

AR Resources is a national debt collection company that specializes in collection solutions for business to business, consumer, property management and healthcare debt recovery.

Contact Information

1777 Sentry Pkwy W Merion Towne Building, Blue Bell, PA 19422-2207 Grand Junction, CO 81506,



Phone: 866-301-0222

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