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Harassing calls from Brown & Joseph LLC?

Get relief from Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC

Get relief from Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC

Are you being contacted on various occasions by Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC claiming that they have the right to call you anytime? You might be wondering whether they have the right to call you as frequently as they do and even though you have penned down a cease and desist letter. Are there laws that regulate their activities? What counts as debt collection harassment?

Debt collectors cannot act anyhow they please, because there are laws that regulate their activities which they must follow. The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) is one of such laws that protects the rights of consumers in the context of debt collection.

What are Phone Harassment Laws?

Telephone Harassment Laws state that any person contacting you on behalf of a bank, product, service, or debt collection agency must provide you with their details, which must include the name of the person or organization they represent, their address and phone number at the beginning of the conversation.

You will be entitled to up to $500 per violation (by call, text or fax) if any bank, organization or individual fails to comply with the laws.
For a bank or debt collection agency to be able to contact you, they must first seek your permission to do so. Therefore all texts, phone calls and even emails require that you first give your consent.

The law also bans telephone representatives from making solicitation calls to your home before 8 am or after 9 pm. It also requires telemarketers to comply with your request to not be contacted again.

The most common ways that Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC can violate the FDCPA

  1. If debt collectors call you repeatedly or ceaselessly, they are not acting in accordance with phone harassment laws. The FDCPA considers repeat calls from debt collectors, amounting to the excess of 7 times a day as a case of harassment.
  2. If debt collectors call you before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm, it may also be considered as a case of telephone harassment.
  3. If debt collectors are rude or hurl offensive, obscene, profane, or abusive words at you. the use of such words in customer relations is considered harassment. You are allowed to report such abusive phone calls to the police.
  4. If debt collectors demand that you pay interest, fees, or any other expenses that are not stipulated by law. The collector is not permitted to include any extra fees that your original credit or loan agreement does not allow.
  5. If the collector fails to notify you of your right to dispute the debt, they have erred on the side of phone harassment laws.
  6. Information about your debt is to be kept within relevant authorities. If debt collectors illegally inform a third party about your alleged debt, they have violated the FDCPA. They are only permitted to reveal such information to a third party if you have expressly given them permission. The only people authorized to receive information about your debt are your attorney, the creditor, the creditor’s attorney, a credit reporting agency, and your spouse or parent(s) (in cases of minors).

You may have a case against Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC if they have acted in any of the ways listed above.

About Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC

With offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio and California, Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC is a third-party debt collector that provides accounts receivable management solutions to organizations seeking to bridge the gap between services rendered and payments received.

Contact Information

645 Penn St Fl4,

Reading, PA19601-3559


Phone: (800) 364-0735

What to do if you keep getting unwanted calls from Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC

  • Do not answer calls from strange numbers.
  • Don’t engage the caller: many debt collectors make various threats in hope that you will respond emotionally. Do not give them that satisfaction.
  • Hang up when necessary: if the collector is being rude or using profane words, does not say anything, or refuse to identify themselves, then hang up.
  • Save any harassing messages you have received on your voice mail in case you need to present evidence of it in the future.
  • Do not disclose personal information especially to an anonymous caller.
  • Seek legal advice.
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