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Freedom from Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc.

Freedom from Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc.

Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc. plays on your ignorance. The one thing that makes them make harassing calls to coerce you into making a financial decision out of tension is their perception of your ignorance of phone harassment laws. There are quite a number of laws (phone harassment laws) that protect you from bullies like Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. These laws make it an offense and punishable by a levy if your rights are encroached upon by a debt collection agency such as Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc.

A number of laws make it an offense for debt collectors to take certain actions against their clients. The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), for example, is a body of protective laws that decides how Debt Collectors are to conduct themselves with their customers. The violation of a law of the act (FDCPA) can incur a fine of $1000 from the erring debt collection institution.

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

The incessant complaints by consumers like you were what necessitated the passage of the act into law in the year 1991. This act gives you the right to sue any financial institutions for any form of calls or messages that you feel disturbs you at any level.

You can take court action against Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc. when:

1. When you are contacted before 8 am and after 9 pm or they refuse to heed to your decision not to be contacted again.
2. When the telephone solicitation representative withholds his/her name.
3. When the telephone solicitation representative withholds the name of the financial outfit he/she represents.
4. Also, calls or texts to your phone are prerecorded.
5. The debt collector insults of any form, or gives no respect to the dignity of your person.

6. You are contacted without having given them prior permission to do so.

Other worthy Harassment charges include:

1. By the act, a maximum of 7 calls daily is a breach of the act. When a Debt Collector calls too many times, they can be sued.
2. When an extra levy, regardless of the amount, is added outside the agreement by a Debt Collector, it is an offense.
3. Disclosure of the details of your agreement to a third party is also a breach of the act.

Necessary actions to take when calls from Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc. persists:

  1. It helps a lot in court if a complaint provides evidence of the encroachment. So, if possible try to get in recording the insults and bullying of the representatives of Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc.
  2. Get the services of an A+ accredited legal practitioner.
  3. Don’t reveal financial information to an unknown caller(s).
  4. Reject calls from unknown callers.
About Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc.

Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. is a third-party debt collector located in Roanoke, Virginia. Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. specializes in collecting third party debt.

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111 Franklin Rd SE Ste 400,

Roanoke, VA 24011-2126


Phone: (800) 888-9419

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