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Is Bayside Capital Services Harassing you?

Harassment calls from Bayside Capital Services?

Getting constant harassing and unending calls from Bayside Capital is a sticky situation to be in.
Financial situations sometimes get so tight that they prevent you from settling your debts early. Being harassed with calls about debts that are likely very old or even forgotten could be discomforting.

Collection agencies, in a bid to recover money from you, could resort to making threatening, disturbing, deceitful, and annoying phone calls to your residence or workplace. It becomes worse when the debt you’re being contacted about is a Zombie debt.

What is a Zombie debt?

A debt that is old and should long have been forgotten but someone still tries to pursue it, is a zombie debt.
Sometimes, debt collectors contact you for debts that are very old, debts that are written off as uncollectible, debts that belong to someone else, or debts that don’t even exist.

You must be aware that a zombie debt is beyond the statute of limitations for collection. It is more or less “expired debt”.
Nevertheless, some collection agencies may try to bring back these expired debts and try to impose them on you, thereby, “resurrecting a dead debt”, hence the name “Zombie debt”.

Sometimes, debt collectors can get aggressive, abusive, and persistent in their pursuit of this debt. Being armed with the knowledge of a Zombie debt and how to dispute one is very crucial. No debt collector can hold you legally for a zombie debt.

What does the Statute of Limitations mean?

The statute of limitations refers to how long debt collectors are allowed to attempt to collect a debt. Check your states laws on how long the statute of limitations is for a debt.

Accepting ownership for a debt that is beyond the statute of limitations is to your disadvantage because doing that, you have made the debt a legal one and given the debt collector a right to legally collect on the account.

Contacted about Zombie debt? This is what you should do

If you’re being contacted about a debt that doesn’t exist, there are certain things you should know. Zombie debt collectors employ various tactics that include lies and deceit, trying to frighten, harass or instill fear in you and trying to get you to disclose personal financial information to them.

Knowing your rights under the FDCPA and TCPA is very crucial. The TCPA allows you to ask for the name of the debt collector, their address, and the agency they represent. You should also challenge the debt and ask for proof that it is yours. If they keep calling you, write a cease and desist letter and demand that they stop contacting you through phone calls unless they’re ready to sue you. These will likely make a zombie debt collector go away.

Your rights under TCPA

Debt collectors sometimes get disturbing while trying to get you to pay your debt. The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) protects your rights by placing a limitation on how telemarketers contact you.
Debt collectors are not allowed to:
  • Use auto-dialers, artificial voice or recording
  • Call your residence before 8 am and after 9 pm
  • Call you more than 4 times if you have been ignoring their calls
  • Call you if you’re on the National DNC registry
  • Send messages with hateful, graphic, or harassing content.
About Bayside Capital Services

Bayside Capital Services is a third-party debt collector located in Buffalo, New York. The company specializes in recovering consumer debt.

Contact Information

210 John Glenn Dr Ste 11

Buffalo, NY 14228-2213


Phone: (855) 591-3081

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