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Is CBE Group breaking Debt collection laws?

Is CBE Group breaking Debt collection laws?

Have you recently gotten a debt collection call from The CBE Group, Inc? We can all agree that having financial difficulties that make you fall behind in monthly payments is a stressful situation to be in. Being constantly called by third-party collection agencies only makes it much worse.

These calls can come in at all hours of the day and night, and often involve threats of various forms which often include locking you up in jail,  repossessing your property, garnishing your accounts, or taking other legal actions. In some situations, you may be receiving these calls mistakenly, but if the debt in question is actually yours and you are being harassed in the process of collecting it, your debt collector may be found guilty of debt collection harassment and made to pay a fine.

If a debt collector has violated any of your consumer rights in their dealings with you, you have a right to sue them for a statutory compensation up to $1000, you may also get part, or all of your debt waived. Call us now on 844-791-1990 to determine if you have a viable case.

Has The CBE Group, Inc broken debt collection laws?

You can file a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who would then review the complaint and decide what the suitable penalty for the violation is. Call us now on 844-791-1990 to get FREE advice about how to proceed with your debt harassment case.

Many clients complain of the odd hours of the day that they receive calls from Debt Collectors through their Telephone Solicitation Representative. Some even say the calls are both prerecorded and/or artificial. Not knowing what to do they have had to bear this for a long time. Is there anything that can be done about this? Is the question we should be asking. Yes, is the only answer we know. In the year 1991, the authorities passed to law the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Practices Act) to address the issue of harassment.

The CBE Group, Inc is calling me

The following constitutes the standard regulations for contacting a consumer

  • Collection agencies are permitted to contact their clients only between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm .
  • A minimum of 7 times is specified as the maximum number of calls to be made to a consumer daily.
  • Prerecorded advertisement calls or messages made by a Telephone Solicitation Representative is a violation of the Act.
  • Collection agencies are by the Act bound to give in to your decision not to be contacted.

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Who is CBE Group?

CBE Group is a debt collection agency. This collector assembles on a vast array of kinds of debt, such as telecommunications, bankcard, health care, and student loan debt.

Contact Information

1309 Technology Pkwy,

Cedar Falls, IA 50613-6976,



Phone: (319) 234-6686

Stop debt collection harassment from The CBE Group, Inc in 10 steps

  • Know your rights and how to make them work for you
    Harassing and intimidating phone calls, threats, and abusive language are illegal and should never be tolerated by you during the debt collection process.
  • Act fast
    Take advantage of all the laws that work in your favor and do not hesitate to ask the debt collection agency for verification of the debt, especially when you believe that there is an error somewhere. Doing nothing or acting too slow may have drastic effects on your credit score and may even get a default judgment leveled against you.
  • Find qualified legal assistance
    If you are served with a notice of a lawsuit, we advise you to find an attorney who specializes in consumer law to represent you in court immediately. Consumers often lose court cases because they do not have proper, experienced legal representation and many consumers who lose court judgments may have their wages garnished. You have a greater chance of winning or of having the lawsuit dismissed in court if you show up as expected and have qualified representation.
  • Have everything in writing
    We advise you to keep documents, especially proof of settlement or resolution of debts and cease-and-desist letters, safe.
    If any question ever arises about the debt or the debt collector comes to try to collect a zombie debt, you will have enough evidence to win against them.
  • Keep your bank accounts safe
    If debt collectors file a lawsuit against you, you may have your wages garnished. This can be extremely problematic for you, therefore, experts advise having separate bank accounts for funds such as Social Security or disability checks, which are exempt and cannot be used as a source of court-ordered debt payments.
  •  Don’t give up personal information
    Do not reveal personal details such as your bank account and socials security number to debt collectors. This holds true especially when you receive calls from an anonymous caller claiming to be a debt collector.
  • Record harassing conversations for the sake of evidence
    If the debt collector uses abusive language or issues threats towards you, recording the conversation will document it. Note that you will need to inform the debt collector about the recording according to the law in some states.
  • Put everything in writing
    Any agreements made between you and your collection agency should be confirmed in writing and signed by a representative of the debt collector. This goes a long way to prevent future complications.
    This avoids misunderstandings about the amounts to be paid or time period to make payments.
  • Send a cease-and-desist letter via certified mail
    Send a cease-and-desist letter via certified mail will give you a return receipt which proves that your letter was received.
    Need help composing your letters? Call us now on 844-791-1990.
  • Manage your debts properly
    If you have decided to settle or resolve your debt, ensure that you get in touch with a reputable credit counseling agency. They will give you professional advice tailored to meet your specific situation.

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BBB file opened: 9/30/1993

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