You are currently viewing Unethical debt collection from Collecto, Inc.?

Unethical debt collection from Collecto, Inc.?

Unethical debt collection from Collecto, Inc.?

Are you in a stressful situation due to the debt collection calls you have been receiving from Collecto, Inc.? If so, it may then not surprise you that debt collection was the most-complained-about financial product or service by consumers in March 2017. Of the 9,146 complaints and inquiries filed with the Consumer Protection Section of the Office of the Attorney General, complaints about debt collection companies topped the list with a little under 1000 cases.

Be they be mortgage loans, auto loans, credit card debt, or student loans, your debts do not give a debt collection agency leverage to insult, intimidate, threaten, or harass you. This is because your rights are protected by a body of consumer-friendly laws known as the FDCPA and the TCPA.

Is Collecto, Inc. calling you? 

The TCPA was established in 1991 and updated in 2003 and 2012. It stipulates that telemarketers must get written permission from consumers before robocalling them, and it mandates them to provide consumers a means of opting out from receiving calls.

The TCPA also creates an avenue for consumers to get justice against agencies that violate their telephone rights.

The act restricts sending unsolicited advertisements by fax to anyone without their prior consent. If the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is violated then you may be entitled up to $500 in damages for each violation.

What if Collecto, Inc. has violated the FDCPA laws? 

There are specific protections provided through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) including the clause which states that no debt collector may contact you by phone except between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm. Furthermore, they cannot place repeated and continuous phone calls to you with the intention of harassing or aggravating you.

A debt collection organization’s representatives are also not permitted to use abusive, threatening or profane language; they are not permitted to contact you at your place of employment after you have informed them not to do so,  and they are also not allowed to misrepresent themselves as a law enforcement official. The FDCPA does not permit debt collectors to threaten you with an arrest and they are further not allowed to discuss your debt with a third party (other than your lawyer, spouse, parent, or co-signor).

Read more about your FDCPA rights here, or if you suspect that they have been violated, you can reach an A+ accredited consumer rights attorney on 844-791-1990.

About Collecto, Inc.

Collecto, Inc. is a debt collections service that offers receivables collection services for banks, colleges and universities, student loan lenders, and telecommunications companies.

Contact Information

700 Longwater Dr Norwell, MA 02061-1624,



Phone: (781) 753-4990

How can I Stop Debt Collection Harassment from Collecto, Inc.?

The best insurance you have against debt collection agencies is to know your rights. Because consumers owe a lot of debt and debt collection agents do not get paid until the consumers resolve these delinquent accounts, it is easy to understand why many debt collectors resort to harassing, and often even threatening methods to collect a debt.

In some cases, the first step to end debt collection harassment is by writing a cease-and-desist letter which is to be sent via certified mail. Even if this letter gets ignored eventually, it lays the foundation for a strong claim of debt collection harassment in the future.

You can also submit a complaint online to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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Here at Telephone Harassment, we are all about informing consumers about their rights regarding harassment from debt collectors, collection law firms, and Original lenders.

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Collecto, Inc. may be contacting you from the following numbers:


 (781) 753-4990


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BBB file opened: 7/2/2008

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BBB Rating: A+

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