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Stop Harassment from Creditors Financial Group LLC

Stop Harassment from Creditors Financial Group LLC

Are you getting persistent calls from Creditors Financial Group LLC? Do not think you are alone, because the problem of debt collection harassment is a colossal one in today’s America. Over 44 million Americans are recorded to be harassed each year by debt collectors, and worse still, this harassment is often about debts they don’t believe they owe. This is a huge problem.

Lawmakers have tried to end the problem for good by enacting and upholding consumer-friendly laws that prohibit debt collection abuse and give consumers powerful legal rights to end the harassment.

The problem persists today largely because Americans are majorly unaware of the amount of power they wield. It is also this way because laws can be quite difficult to understand, and even harder to know which ones apply to your situation. Hiring a qualified lawyer is your best option to navigate this situation.

Creditors Financial Group LLC Telephone Harassment?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was primarily established to protect the rights of consumers like you. The TCPA bill was first passed in 1991 due to consumer complains about the increasing amount of unwanted telephone marketing calls made to them, and the frequent use of automated and prerecorded messages.

In response to the complaints of consumers, the FCC established laws which stipulate that telephone solicitation representatives must provide:

  • His or her name
  • The name of the person or entity on whose behalf the call is being made
  • A telephone number or address at which that person or entity can be reached

The law also bans Creditors Financial Group LLC from making solicitation calls to your home in the early hours of the morning or too late at night.

If you believe your Telephone rights have been violated then you may be entitled to $500 in damages for each violation. Call a qualified lawyer now on 844-791-1990.

Creditors Financial Group LLC Debt Collection Harassment?

The laws of the FDCPA do not protect debtors from paying those they owe, it only protects their rights in the process of debt collection.

The FDCPA is concerned only with third-party debt collection agencies that usually deal with the following types of debt: Credit card debt, medical bills, student loans, mortgages. If you believe your FDCPA rights have been violated, you may be entitled to a compensation of $1000.

Read more about your FDCPA rights here or call us on 844-791-1990

Can sending a cease-and-desist letter help me stop Creditors Financial Group LLC

A cease-and-desist letter may be effective in easing your collection stress from Creditors Financial Group LLC, it, however, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your debt. Here’s what a cease-and-desist letter achieves:

  • A cease-and-desist letter demonstrates to the debt collector that you know your legal rights. They now know that you won’t be an easy target, so they may decide to give up on any unethical behaviors they may be exhibiting.
  • A cease-and-desist letter creates a record that is admissible in court.
  • A cease-and-desist letter limits how the debt collector can contact you. This means that you won’t be receiving any more pesky debt collection calls.
  • A cease-and-desist letter sets you up to go on the offensive. If the debt collector violates the rights you have exercised through your cease-and-desist letter, you may be in a position to take legal action.
About Creditors Financial Group LLC

Creditors Financial Group LLC is a third-party debt collector located in Aurora, Colorado. The company was founded in 1997 and specializes in collection and adjustment services.

Contact Information

3131 S Vaughn Way Ste 110

Aurora, CO 80014-3501


Phone: (303) 369-2345

Creditors Financial Group LLC is often referred to or searched for by other names. These include:

CFG Acceptance LLC; Creditors Financial Group

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Here at Telephone Harassment, we are all about informing consumers about their rights regarding harassment from debt collectors, collection law firms, and Original lenders. 

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