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Diaz & Associates Inc has no right to harass you

Diaz & Associates Inc has no right to harass you

We all hate to get phone calls from a debt collector we would rather ignore. Ignoring Diaz & Associates Inc may seem like the best thing to do to conserve your sanity, however, the situation becomes much more unbearable when they refuse to respect your privacy and instead choose to constantly call and leave you voice messages.

It is okay to pretend that the phone isn’t ringing when the caller is an old friend or family member you do not want to hang out with, but if it happens to be Diaz & Associates Inc. calling, ignoring them may have some serious consequences.

On the positive side, the FDCPA laws command Diaz & Associates Inc to respect your privacy and act in a way that does not violate your rights as a consumer. Diaz & Associates Inc. has no other choice than to abide by these laws.

The Laws that protect your Telephone

The laws that protect your telephone bans telephone representatives and debt collection agencies from making solicitation calls to your home before 8 am or after 9 pm. They must gain your consent to call you, and they must also comply with your request to not be contacted again. Read more here.

The laws that protect your Consumer Rights 

The Law does not prevent Debt collection agencies from contacting you about any outstanding debts you owe them or your original lender. However, although they are allowed to contact you, they must abide by the laws that guide how the collection process should be coordinated.

They’re not allowed to cuss, issue threats, or go into an angry diatribe when they are over the phone with you, no matter what happens. They’re also not allowed to share details about your alleged debt with anyone other than your spouse, parent, or co-signor. Read all about it here.

Can a cease and desist letter be effective in your case against Diaz & Associates Inc?

As the name suggests, if you send Diaz & Associates Inc a cease and desist letter, you are demanding that they cease and desist from contacting you. This, however, does not change the fact that you owe a debt, it only keeps debt collection agencies and their annoying debt collection strategies at bay.

If they must contact you after they have received it, it must only be to acknowledge that they have received it or that they want to inform you that they would be filing a lawsuit against you.

Yes, it is true that cease-and-desist letters are often ignored, but that doesn’t make them any less effective as there are legal consequences for ignoring a cease and desist letter. While these letters are of no legal consequence in themselves, failing to heed to the request contained in a cease-and-desist letter may lead to some serious consequences for the debt collector.

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About Diaz & Associates Inc

Diaz & Associates Inc is a debt collections service. The company is a debt purchaser and third-party collection agency based in California that has been notoriously famed for receiving several complaints and allegations claiming violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and consumer rights. Among these allegations was the attempt to collect debts not owed and threatening to take actions are not permissible by law.

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