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Receiving threats from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.?

Receiving threats from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.?

If you are stuck in debt and don’t know what to do to fix it, it may lead you to be on the receiving end of a nasty and seemingly never-ending string of phone calls from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.

We all know that it can be an incredibly stressful situation when you can’t keep up with your debt payments, leading you to stop making payments on your account. This consequently makes the account go into default. Collection agencies are notorious for harassing consumers into paying up. They employ several harassing methods such as frequent calls to your residence or place of employment.

But the best part is that you can regain control of the situation with a few steps.  You can educate yourself about your rights or take the initiative to face your debts head-on.

4 Tips to help you overcome harassing calls from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc

  1. Identify Your Debts
    First of all, you must ensure that the creditor or collection agency is contacting you for debts that actually belong to you. If you have a common name with a debtor, Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc may be making a mistake and calling you about someone else’s account. In other common cases, they could be calling you over debts that have already been resolved or that have passed the statute of limitations.
  2.  Take Action
    If the nasty phone calls are unreasonable, take steps to stop your debt collector from breaking the law by communicating effectively with the creditors and collection agencies. How so? Send a cease and desist letter. Also, be sure to check the agency’s website to make sure the collection agency that’s contacting you is licensed. If it isn’t, or if their jurisdiction doesn’t fall within your province, they don’t have any rights to collect debts from you.
  3. Figure what you’re going to do next
    You may have successfully stopped the annoying calls and letters with your request to cease and desist, now, you must take time to think clearly about what your next move will be. Doing nothing will severely affect your credit score, credit cards, and lines of credit.
    It is then up to you to decide when (or if) your creditor will receive a payment. As your debt gets older and nears the statute of limitations, your creditor may be more willing to accept a settlement which may be less than the amount you owe.
  4. Know Your Rights

Debt collectors are well known for daily phone calls, issuing threats, and even contacting you at work or at odd hours of the day. According to the FDCPA and TCPA laws, collection agencies are allowed to contact you about any outstanding debts you owe, however, they must abide by the laws stipulated by the consumer acts.

Debt collectors are further not allowed to use profanity, issue threats, or become angry when they call. They’re also not allowed to share details about your predicament with your loved ones or any unauthorized person.

Your Rights under the TCPA

The TCPA bans the use of automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages, and fax machines in certain situations. The act also bans auto-dialers and artificial or prerecorded voice messages programmed to contact your pagers or cellular phones.

It also frowns upon sending unsolicited advertisements by fax to anyone without their prior consent. If your Telephone Consumer Protection Rights are violated then you may be entitled to $500 in damages for each violation.

Your Rights under the FDCPA

The FDCPA is a set of laws that exist to protect you from debt collectors and their harmful collection practices. If your FDCPA rights have been violated, you may be entitled to a compensation of up to $1000. Have no idea what your FDCPA rights are? Read all about it here.

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Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. is a debt collections service. The company also helps consumers find effective strategies that help them reduce their debt.

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