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Stop debt harassment from Admin Recovery

Stop debt harassment from Admin Recovery

Is Admin Recovery contacting you over unpaid debts? When dealing with debt collectors, it is important to ensure that the debt collectors contacting you are legitimate before making a payment. Scammers posing as debt collectors proliferate the debt collection scene and are well known to put aggressive pressure on unsuspecting victims by using threatening language, profanity, and trickery, and many other unethical methods to scare consumers into paying a debt they do not owe.

These scammers will usually not provide any documentation to verify the debt that they claim you owe. When a scammer is attempting to collect a fake debt, they do not have any evidence that legitimizes their claim of debt. This is why it is very important to ask the person calling you claiming to be a representative of Admin Recovery for evidence regarding the legitimacy of your debt. This must be sent to you within five days.

The vague nature of scammer scare tactics combined with the sense of urgency in their communications make for a worrisome case, but if you keep a level head and read the information below, you’ll be better equipped to avoid falling victim to one of their scams.

Is Admin Recovery a Scam?

No, Admin Recovery is not a scam. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Admin Recovery. is legitimately licensed to collect third-party debt. The company was founded and incorporated in 2008 and operates in Williamsville, NY.

Despite the fact that Admin Recovery is a legitimate debt collection agency, you need to consider the option that the number calling you may not even be Admin Recovery. This is an extremely important step to take before you agree to pay a debt, or even engage an assumed debt collector in a conversation. There have been countless reported cases of people getting scammed by fraudsters posing as collection agencies.; therefore, be sure to verify that the number claiming to be Admin Recovery Services, is indeed who they say they are before going any further.

Admin Recovery scams and how to avoid them

You may get a call from a fraudster claiming to be Admin Recovery. If you do, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Ask for the name and contact information of the collection agency the caller claims to be representing and verify that the call details correspond.
  • Ask what the debt is from, and request that the caller provides you with the name of the original lender.
  • Request for a written statement regarding the alleged debt.
  • Check your credit report and ensure that the debt is reported there.
  • If the collection agency turns out to be legitimate, it doesn’t end there. Verify that they are officially responsible for handling your account.
  • Write a request for the validation of your alleged debt.

The TCPA laws

If you are plagued by frequent unwanted calls or spam texts from Admin Recovery, the TCPA protects your rights by defining what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct for debt collectors over the telephone. Read more here

The FDCPA laws

Debt collectors violate your FDCPA rights when they act in a manner that is contrary to the rules for ethical debt collection laid out by the FDCPA. That includes calling excessively, being abusive, or even trying to shame you into paying your debt. Read more about your FDCPA rights here.

About Admin Recovery 

Admin Recovery is nationally recognized as a full-service provider of receivable management services. The company performs collection services at every stage of delinquency, for every type of account, and offers third-party collection services for primary, secondary and tertiary accounts.

Contact Information

6225 Sheridan Dr Ste 118

Buffalo, NY 14221-4800

(855) 718-2500

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Admin Recovery BBB Information

BBB file opened: 12/30/2008

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BBB Rating: A+

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