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Is IC Systems, Inc. calling you over uncollectible debt? 

Is IC Systems, Inc. calling you over uncollectible debt?

Do you know whether or not IC Systems, Inc. is legally allowed to collect or sue you over the debt they are calling about? Do you have no memory incurring the debt that IC Systems, Inc. is calling you about, or has this particular debt been resolved by you in the past?

Let’s face the truth, the debt-collection business is booming; there is hardly anyone of us that hasn’t received a collection call before. If you haven’t, then you are either quite privileged or extremely disciplined. Spearheaded by a surge in the sale and collection of defaulted debts, third-party debt collectors purchase an estimated $100 billion in debt annually.

Perhaps due to the fact that bad debts are cheaper, the debts that many third-party collection agencies try to recover are dead debts because they never existed, or no longer permits legal action to be taken upon them. There have been several complaints leveled against debt collection agencies by dissatisfied consumers, ranging from mistaken identity to expired or discharged debt. Some debt collectors go as far as trying to recover debts that have previously been resolved, settled, discharged in bankruptcy, or that has exceeded the statute of limitations.

Because many of these debts are legally uncollectible, debt collectors are famed to resort to trickery to get unsuspecting consumers to settle a debt that they shouldn’t even be being bothered about. They try to obtain default judgments, goad consumers into acknowledging that the debt is theirs over the phone or agreeing to pay a portion of the amount or enter into new agreements. By doing any of these, a debt collector can resurrect and force a consumer to pay dead or non-existent debts. This sort of debt has been appropriately named “zombie debt,” because just like the zombies in movies come back from the dead to terrorize individuals, dead debts can come back to wreak havoc on you and your credit score.

Another well-known tactic that debt collectors employ in the collection of zombie debt is fear, Because they know that they are not legally entitled to pursue or sue you for these debts, they try to scare you into resolving the account. This is why it is extremely important to know your rights regarding debt collection and to never bargain with a debt collector out of fear.

If IC Systems, Inc is harassing, threatening, or intimidating you over the phone regarding any debt (zombie or not), you can sue them and be awarded up to $1000 per FDCPA violation claim, and at times have your debt waved.

What is regarded as Zombie debt under the law?

The number of people called about zombie debts is at an all-time high due to the massive expansion of the debt collection industry. This is why you need to know that zombie debt exists and have extensive knowledge about the topic, so you don’t believe everything that a third-party debt collector alleges you owe and more importantly, so you don’t make the tragic mistake of resolving the same debt twice.

The meaning of zombie debt spans to cover a number of areas which  include debts that you have already resolved or settled, debts that have been discharged in bankruptcy, debts that do not belong to you (due to mistaken identity
or identity theft), or debts for which the statutory period for collection has expired.

Although a debt collector cannot legally go after you for a zombie debt, there are other shrewd tactics that they may employ to restart the clock on the debt and make it legally enforceable. They do this by goading you into accepting (even over the phone) that the debt is yours, they scare or persuade you into paying some amount of the debt, or to enter into new agreements. By falling for any of the above-mentioned tricks, you would have successfully turned your expired or resolved debt into an active, collectible one. This is why it is doubly important to never admit to owning a debt for which you haven’t received details regarding. It may just be a zombie debt.

Many debt collectors also sue on zombie debts and obtain judgments, typically by default; these judgments transform dead debts to enforceable debts.

About IC Systems, Inc.

IC System, Inc. is a nationwide provider of accounts receivable management services and performs collections for clients in numerous industries, including health care, retail, education, government, telecommunications, commercial, utility, and financial services.

Contact Information

444 Highway 96 E, Saint Paul, MN 55127-2557,



Phone: (651) 483-8201

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