You are currently viewing National Management Recovery Debt collection harassment?

National Management Recovery Debt collection harassment?

Debt collectors’ tactics are limited by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, so if National Management Recovery has been calling you or leaving intimidating voicemails on your machine, then they may have stepped out of line; not just because they may have hurt your personal feelings and intruded on your privacy, but also because they may have broken federal and state consumer laws as well.

Debt collection harassment is defined as a situation where debt collectors like National Management Recovery employ various unethical, annoying, or even outrightly intimidating methods when they are trying to collect debts from a consumer whose account has gone into default.

If you are currently at this stage with your debt collector, call us now on 844-791-1990 and we will be happy to hear your case and advice you on how to proceed, all for free.

Your Telephone Consumer Protection Rights under the TCPA

Excessive unwanted calls (especially form organizations and telemarketers) are downright annoying. They can potentially impact your mental health, affect your peace of mind, and drastically increase your cell phone bill. This is what the TCPA was instated for- to curb the harmful practices carried out by organizations such as banks, debt collectors, and telemarketers via telephone.

The act restricts many things, one of which is sending unsolicited advertisements by fax to anyone without their prior consent. If your Telephone Consumer Protection rights are violated then you may be entitled to $500 in damages for each violation.

Your Fair Debt Collection Rights under the FDCPA 

The FDCPA monitors the actions of debt collectors when collecting a debt. They prevent them from intimidating you or trampling on your rights by calling you excessively, hurling abusive words at you, calling you whenever they feel like, or publicizing your debt.

If you strongly believe that your FDCPA rights have been violated by National Management Recovery, call us now on 844-791-1990 and let us fight for you.

What if my debt is past the statute of limitations?

If your debt has exceeded the statute of limitations, the debt collector must either inform you that a lawsuit cannot be filed against you because the statute of limitations during which the debt should have been collected has expired and that the debt can however still be reported as unpaid to credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), or they must inform you that you cannot be sued for the expired debt and no action can be taken against you with the credit reporting agencies.
It is equally important to be wary in this situation, as you can easily restart the clock on a debt that has expired by simply agreeing over the phone that it is yours.

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NMRC is a Coral Springs, FL based provider of professional portfolio management to keep your receivables generating cash.

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Here at Telephone Harassment, we are all about informing consumers about their rights regarding harassment from debt collectors, collection law firms, and Original lenders. We also encourage consumers to share their experience dealing with collection harassment, legal threats or excessive phone calls to help prepare others for the kind of treatment they are likely to receive. We alert consumers of scams and notify them about the harassment and scare tactics that many collection agencies employ, many of which are against phone harassment laws.

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