You are currently viewing Harassment from NCB Management over Debts?

Harassment from NCB Management over Debts?

Harassment from NCB Management over Debts?

Are you being pestered with calls from NCB Management?

Debts have almost become a norm to everyone once on a while. Bills and situations may get you to a point where you have one, two or a couple of debts. Having debts is already bad enough, you shouldn’t be getting harassed with annoying phone calls.

It may interest you to know that the FDCPA has your best interest at heart. You don’t have to go through continuous harassment from collection agencies anymore because according to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, it is illegal for debt collectors to harass you.

FDCPA protects you as a consumer

The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act is a federal law that limits the length collection agencies can go in a bid to get consumers to pay their debts.

According to the FDCPA, it is illegal for collection agencies to employ unfair, deceptive and abusive methods in debt collection. However your debt collector chooses to contact you, they must abide by the FDCPA. If you feel harassed by a collection agency, they most likely are violating the FDCPA. A few common ways that collection agencies commit violation include:

  • Calling at inconvenient times: Debt collectors are not allowed to call you at very late or very early hours. If a debt collector calls you around 10pm or 7am, there are violating the FDCPA. The only exception to this is if you permit them.
  • Calling after you have asked them to stop: You have the right to tell debt collectors to only communicate with you in writing. If after asking them to stop calling you, they still do, they are wrong.
  • Using obscene and profane words to communicate with debtors.
  • Refusing to send a validation notice.
  • Telling friends or neighbours about a consumer’s debts.

Please take note that you can not engage the FDCPA in local debts like when you owe someone from the local hardware store. The FDCPA only covers debts that involve third party collectors, debts like mortgages, student loans, and medical debts.

Removing debts from your credit reports

Having debt collections on your credit reports is not good for your credit score especially if it’s a debt that isn’t yours or one you have paid already.
Potential creditors and lenders can see these collections and that is not good.

This simply means that having these debt collections reflect on your credit reports has a direct impact on your ability to borrow money in future.
If a debt that is not yours or is already paid still appears on your credit reports you need to have it removed.

If the debt doesn’t belong to you, dispute it. You shouldn’t be made to pay for a debt that isn’t yours. Make a report to the credit bureau and ask them to have it removed from your credit reports. You can send evidence that proves that the debt isn’t yours.

If the debt is yours but has been paid, you should file a dispute to the credit bureaus attaching proof of payments.

However, paying a debt doesn’t guarantee that it will be taken off your credit reports. If you don’t pay in good time, it may not be removed until after 7years.

About NCB Management

NCB Management Inc. provides debt resolution services. The Company offers loan programs, management of cohort default rates, government receivable management, loan repayment rates, tracking, and asset location services.

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