You are currently viewing Are you late on your debt payments to NCO Group, Inc?

Are you late on your debt payments to NCO Group, Inc?

Are you late on your debt payments to NCO Group, Inc?

Do you dread answering the phone whenever NCO Group, Inc calls to remind you about your unpaid loans?  If you are lagging behind on your monthly payments for debts, then NCO Group, Inc is almost definitely going to begin calling you trying to collect the late payments on your debt.

What you may not know (but should know) is that debt collectors are required to follow a law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which protects your rights in the context of debt collection. This law helps to discourage unethical collection tactics perpetrated against consumers by unfair collection agencies by defining what steps the debt collector is allowed, and is not allowed to take throughout the debt collection process.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that this law is in place, many debt collectors continue to use unfair practices to collect debt everywhere around the United States.

Is NCO Group, Inc collecting debt ethically? How do you know when they have stepped out of line? Here are a few common debt collection harassment tactics to help you stay alert. 

When is NCO Group, Inc guilty of Debt Collection Harassment?

Are you currently receiving calls from NCO Group, Inc that make you feel uncomfortable? How do you know when they have crossed from just being uncomfortable debt collection calls to downright harassing? Read below to find out.

  • Debt collectors commonly set out to embarrass you or shame you into paying up your debt. This is done by sending unending letters to you at home or at work that scare, intimidate, or call you a criminal. They are also often famed for trying to get customers to settle their account bt reporting sensitive details of the debts they owe to unauthorized persons.
  • Harassment may also be classified as a situation where debt collectors threaten you with bodily harm, jail time, wage garnishments, or court actions they are not legally permitted to take.
  • Many employers frown upon you receiving letters or telephone calls at work regarding personal issues. Debt collectors might go as far as breaking this rule and sending calling you while you’re at work. If NCO Group, Inc does this, then they are certainly guilty of harassment, especially if you have informed the collection company of the rules at your place of employment.
  • Your debt collector cannot simply pretend like they have not received your cease and desist letter.  If you have sent a letter to a debt collector informing them about your wish to no longer be contacted, they may still continue to contact you, regardless. This is an act of harassment.
  • If your third-party debt collector insists that you pay fees that are more than what was contained in the original loan agreement, this can also be viewed as harassment.
  • If your debt collector constantly places prerecorded calls to your phone, despite you not being able to remember when you gave them your permission to do so, they are acting contrary to telephone harassment laws.
  • If debt collectors call you excessively, amounting to several times per day, including at inconvenient hours.

These and many more shady tactics are the methods that collectors use to continually harass consumers into paying up debts. Use this list to estimate if you may have a case against NCO Group, Inc, and if you think that you do, do not hesitate to reach out to us on 844-791-1990 to get legal assistance.

Who is NCO Group, Inc?

NCO Group, Inc., is a third-party debt collection agency based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States. The company provides business process outsourcing services like accounts receivable management, customer relationship management, and back-office solutions for its clients across the United States.

Where is NCO Group, Inc. located?

507 Prudential Rd
Horsham, PA 19044-2308
Phone: (215) 441-3000
Fax: (215) 441-3923
Web Address:

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