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Stop the Harassment from Nickel City Group

Stop the Harassment from Nickel City Group

Calls from debt collectors like Nickel City Group are usually unexpected, annoying, and disturbing to say the least. The frustration may even make you consider changing your phone number. Even though the FDCPA clearly prohibits the use of unfair and abusive methods of debt collection, some debt collectors still employ them.

Many collection agencies have been said to do things like harassing and threatening debtors, calling them ceaselessly, calling them at odd hours, using profane words when speaking to them, publishing information about them, and even reporting their debts to their employers. If a debt collector is doing any of these to you, they are clearly violating the FDCPA and should be stopped. Some debt collectors are also very arrogant and rude in their speech. They have zero customer service and courtesy.

Dealing with rude debt collectors

In an attempt to recover debts from debtors, some debt collectors become insensitive and very unfriendly when speaking with debtors. Some even give as far as trying to instill fear in you and making threats. If a rude debt collector contacts you, this is what you should do

  • Don’t react in anger: A rude debt collector can awaken all kinds of emotions in you. Try to keep your emotions under control while you speak with them. Speaking angrily will not help you.
  • Take notes: Get your pen and paper ready, you may need to write a lot of things that you may need as evidence later.
  • Be aware of your rights: One of the worst things that could happen to you is to be ignorant of your rights when a debt collector intimidates you. Debt collectors should abide by the FDCPA. When they violate any of it, point it out to them.
  • End the call: If the conversation becomes too discomforting for you to bear, you can tell them that you do not want to talk anymore. If it gets out of hand, hang up the call.
  • Ask them to stop calling: You can tell them that you only want them to contact you in written form. According to the FDCPA, they should respect that.
  • Hire an attorney: You do not have to deal with it all by yourself.

When collection agencies call your employer

Debt collectors are allowed by the FDCPA to contact your employer to confirm your employment or to get your address. They are however not allowed to disclose information about your debts to your employer. That would be crossing the boundary.
One thing that can make debt collectors call your employer is a futile attempt to reach you. So if you have been ignoring their calls or letters, they may try to reach you through your employer.

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Nickel City Group is a third-party debt collector located in New York. The firm specializes in accounts receivable management.

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