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Harassing calls from Qualia Collection Services?

Stop Platinum Holdings from calling excessively

Stop Platinum Holdings from calling excessively

If you have an unsettled debt with Platinum Holdings, it is very helpful to know the laws that protect your rights. The primary function of the law is to protect consumers like you and draw a level playground for healthy interaction between you and your debt collector at every stage of the debt collection process.

Congress enacted a number of consumer-friendly laws in a bid to tackle the increasing number of consumer harassment. These laws check the conduct of Debt collectors to curtail their excesses. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and other laws were passed to ensure your safety. You have rights that Platinum Holdings must respect even in their bid to collect a debt from you. 

If you are facing debt collection harassment from Platinum Holdings, call us now on 844-791-1990, we can help.

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

In the late 20th century (1991), a number of laws were created which is referred to as the TCPA. These laws make it an offense for Debt Collectors to harass consumers. A lawsuit can be filed against any Debt Collector if they contravene any of the laws stipulated by the act. Damages can range from $500.00 to $1500.00 per call.

If any Debt Collector harasses you and violates your TCPA rights, it should not be condoned. The following constitutes breach of the act:

  1. Calls are not to be made to you before 8:00 am and after 9:00 pm.
  2. Withholding of personal or corporate details by Telephone Solicitation Representative(s).
  3. Prerecorded or artificial calls or messages sent by Debt Collectors for the purpose of advertisement.
  4. Calling too often.
  5. The financial details of a consumer are sacred. Betraying this trust by revealing the details of a consumer is frowned at by FDCPA.

Debt harassment from Platinum Holdings

Very few consumers know this. It maybe a violation for a Debt Collector or Telephone Solicitation Representative to sound disrespectful or harsh or intimidating while they are talking with you. As specified by FDCPA, the setting of the call should be that of mutual respect: even when the consumer is really in debt. Threats, insults, and profanity are especially not tolerated.

Steps to Take against Platinum Holdings phone harassment

  1. Get the service of a legal practitioner. This is non-negotiable, especially if the harassment persists after taking steps such as requesting that they don’t contact you anymore. Your best bet is to seek the service of a legal practitioner. A legal expert would equip you with proper steps to tackle the harassment problems. Call us today on 844-791-1990, and we will connect you to premium legal assistance.
  2. Negotiate with your debt collector: If you have verified that the debt is indeed yours and you want the collection calls to stop once and for all, you can negotiate a debt settlement or a favorable repayment plan with your debt collector.
About Platinum Holdings

provides a select range of financial services and products to their clients. They are a licensed third-party debt collection agency that began operations in 1999.

Contact Information:

PO Box 22704

Beachwood, OH 44122-0704

(216) 453-8787

About Telephone Harassment

We provide you with information regarding the debt collection process to help you navigate it better. Read more about us here or reach us on: 844-791-1990

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(714) 316-2740,

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(714) 380-5858,




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