You are currently viewing Premiere Credit of North America, LLC Debt collection harassment?
Have you been receiving countless harassing calls from Professional Bureau of Collections? Are these calls abusive or excessive? Do they keep bothering you despite you telling them to stop calling you?

Premiere Credit of North America, LLC Debt collection harassment?

Is Financial Asset Management Systems bothering you?

So the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, the messages wouldn’t stop coming in from  Premiere Credit of North America, LLC and this hunting feeling doesn’t seem to go away, well yes you’re in debt, but no one said it has to be such a strenuous time. The hounding calls are obviously coming from a debt collection agency whose job it is to try to recover a debt. Debt collection agencies like Premiere Credit of North America, LLC sometimes push too far when trying to get you to pay up. This often leaves consumers like you, confused, worried, and even frustrated. The good news is, this tiring situation can stop! Want to know how?

There is a law in existence, put in place by the Government to stifle unfair debt collection practices. It is called the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). Every debt collector is expected to abide by these laws when trying to recover a debt. The FDCPA protects consumers like you from being mistreated, harassed, and even oppressed by Debt collection agencies. It also enables you the right to dispute, validate, and receive details of your debt to make sure you are not being contacted by fraudsters. If you feel a collection agency such as Premiere Credit of North America, LLC has crossed the line then you can sue them. If you win, you can be awarded up to $1,000 in statutory damages.

Premiere Credit of North America, LLC Lawsuit

It is necessary to know the laws of the FDCPA, what is permitted, and what isn’t to better assess your situation and find a suitable solution. The FDCPA laws prohibit a debt collector from:

  • Calling you at odd hours usually before 8 am and after 9 pm
  • Threatening or using profane words while addressing you.
  • Feeding you with false information about your debt.
  • Attempting to make you pay more than you owe.
  • Using the alias of an attorney or government official.
  • Telling you that you have broken the law and would be arrested
  • Discussing your debt with people who have no business with it.
  • Presenting you with false court papers.
  • Saying they would hurt you, your family, or friends.
  • Contacting you at work when they have been expressly informed not to.
  • Publishing your debt.
  • Threaten to take away your benefits such as child support, pension, etc.
  • Contacting you after informing them to talk to your legal counsel.

If Premiere Credit of North America, LLC has done any of these, then you might have a case against them. Call us now on

Is Premiere Credit of North America, LLC calling you?

In addition to the FDCPA Laws, the government passed a bill in 1991, because of the increasing complaints from citizens about the amount of unwanted telephone marketing calls made to them, and the frequent use of automated and prerecorded messages. This bill is called the Telephone consumer protection act (TCPA).  That’s right! This law protects you from telephone harassment in any form with the use of:

  • Automatic dialing systems
  • Artificial or prerecorded voice messages
  • SMS text messages
  • fax machines
  • auto dialers
  • Charged calls (calls that are made to you where you bear the brunt of the cost)
  • Unsolicited advertisements

The TCPA Laws also states that when contacted by a debt collection agency, the representative must provide:

  • A means of identification.
  • The name of the individual or company they are contacting you for
  • A telephone number or address at which that individual or company can be reached

Violation of the TCPA laws by your third-party debt collector can earn you up to $500 per violation.

What types of debts are covered by the FDCPA?

You are covered by the FDCPA when your debt falls within these categories: credit card debt, mortgages, student loans, auto loans, medical bills, and other household debts. Business debts are not included.

What is the correct way a debt collector contact me?

Collection agencies can call you, send letters, emails, or text messages to as means of contacting you about your debt. Remember to watch out for the manner in which you are addressed.

What should I expect from a debt collector?

You can expect a forwarded “validation notice” written by the collector within five days of first contacting you. The content of this notice includes:

  • The amount you owe.
  • The identity of the creditor you owe it to.
  • The steps to follow if you don’t think the debt is yours.
Who is Premiere Credit of North America, LLC?

Premiere Credit of North America, LLC is a debt collections service that specializes in extended business office, healthcare, bad debt recovery, insurance resolution, accounts receivable clean-up, first-party call center, pre-charge off receivables management, post-charge off receivables management, student loan recovery, tax liability resolution, taxpayer services, tax amnesty program assistance, and skip tracing.

Contact Information

2002 Wellesley Boulevard.

Ste 100, Indianapolis, IN 46219-2458,



Phone: (317) 322-3630

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