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Debt collection calls from Swift Funds?

Do not think for one moment that you are alone if you’ve fallen into a difficult situation with debt, and are now receiving debt collection calls from Swift Funds. The fact that you are in debt doesn’t mean you have no rights, and thus can be disrespected when it comes down to how collectors treat you while trying to collect a debt you owe. Debt collectors are required by law to do their job but are also mandated by the same law to carry out their duties in a manner that is respectful to the consumer.

Regardless of the fact that there are laws that protect your consumer rights, debt collector harassment is something that many American consumers are faced with today. It is unethical, and you should never have to put up with or be intimidated by the unscrupulous methods that many debt collectors employ while collecting a delinquent debt.

If you’re wondering what debt collectors are not allowed to do, we’re here to help. Take a look at our list to see if the debt collectors approaching you are violating your rights or not. Or, if you need expert assistance to help you navigate your way through the maze that is the debt collection process, do not hesitate to give us a call now on 822-791-1990.

About Swift Funds

Southwest Credit is a leading national provider of accounts receivable management and consumer service solutions.

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Most likely TCPA violations by Swift Funds

Any person or organization using an autodialer or pre-recorded message to contact you must state their name, address, and phone number at the beginning of the call. If a bank, debt collector, or telemarketer fails to comply with these laws, you may be entitled to a compensation of $500 for each violation. That is $500 for each harassing text, call, or fax!

Telephone harassment laws also cover contemporary methods of communication such as text messages and email (although emails are a bit more difficult to regulate). Additionally, if Swift Funds is using an autodialer to call you for the purpose of advertisement, they may have violated TCPA laws. Read more about your TCPA rights here.

Most likely FDCPA Violations by

Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is not allowed to:

  • Call you ceaselessly, especially if you have expressed your desire to not be contacted further
  • Call you at extremely early or late hours. The earliest time a debt collector is allowed to contact you is after 8 am, and the latest time is before 9 pm.
  • Be rude, aggressive, or use obscene, hurtful, and abusive language.
  • Threaten you in any way; whether with violence, arrest, a lawsuit, jail time, or garnishment. If you have received threats or abusive calls from our debt collection agency, record them; as you may need to provide evidence of debt collection practice violation in the future.

Read more about your FDCPA rights here, or call us on 822-791-1990 if Swift Funds has broken any of the above laws in their dealings with you.

Swift Funds debt collection Harassment?

The biggest debt collection complaints you may have are shared by many consumers like you. Ultimately, these issues represent everything wrong and unethical about the debt collection world.
By ensuring that you know your rights and have quick access to qualified legal assistance, you can significantly reduce the number of collection calls, and stop unnecessary pursuits altogether.
Once you understand your rights and how to make them work for you, you can make the whole debt collection process a lot smoother.

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