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Have Your Rights been violated by Turtle Creek Assets?

Have Your Rights been violated by Turtle Creek Assets?

In a bid to pursue past-due accounts, certain businesses frequently hire third-party debt collectors like Turtle Creek Assets to go after a charged-off account; these are legitimate efforts to receive the debt you owe.

However, you need to discern real collection agencies from fake ones, especially if you’ve received phone calls, letters, or emails from the debt collectors.

Scammers pretend to be debt collection agents so as to deceive you to pay for debts that have already either have been resolved, settled, or discharged. In some cases, the said debts are non-existent.

Most fraudulent debt collectors will resort to dubious and threatening methods to collect the debt they claim that you owe, just so that you don’t ask them to provide proof of your debt (which they don’t have). If you’re getting calls from a collection agency that you suspect is a scammer, block their numbers and report it to the FCC. Below is a list to help you know if you may be getting scammed by fraudsters posing as debt collectors.

 Is Turtle Creek Assets scamming me?

If you get a call from a debt collection agency claiming to be Turtle Creek Assets, it is never advisable to just believe all they say without first confirming the identity of the caller and that they indeed represent Turtle Creek Assets. Below are a few tips to help you discern between a legitimate collection agency and a fraudulent one. 

  1. Does the Debt Collector Insist On Instant Payment

Although the majority of debt collectors pressure you into paying your debt because this is necessary for their earning, be cautious if a debt collector mounts any form of pressure to ensure you make instant payment, especially if they scare you. A caller may be a scammer if he or she threatens you with a lawsuit for refusing to make instant payment.

If debt collectors request for payment via Wire Transfer, they may be less than reputable. Legitimate debt collectors accept diverse payment options and may refer you to a payment portal connected to their website. Ensure that the payment method is traceable to avoid having a hard time proving that payment was indeed made.

Before you agree to make any payments you must also be sure to recognize the creditor or their account. It is advisable not to pay debts you do not recognize, it is your right to demand proof of the debt in a validation letter before making payments. You must be properly informed about the said debt, regardless of how much pressure they mount on you.

2.  Is there no available information about their Phone Number when you search online?

A good method to verify whether a debt collector is a scam is to search for their phone number online. There should be web pages where other clients have made comments. When there are no results or you discover that the phone number used to call you is different from those listed on the company’s official website, it is advisable to avoid making payments to that company.

3. Is Jail time a major threat Employed?

It is unethical for a debt collector to threaten you with action that they are not legally allowed to take. A debt collector cannot issue a warrant for your arrest (except a court decrees so), therefore, if a debt collector calls you to harass and scare you into believing that your debt makes you a criminal, they may be a bunch of fraudsters posing as Turtle Creek Assets.

4. Do they ask for information that they should already have?

 When debt collectors ask you to furnish them with sensitive information, be cautious because when creditors hire debt collectors, they usually give them the necessary information they need to know about you. Therefore, if the collection agency posing as Turtle Creek Assets is asking for basic information such as your full name or the name of your original creditor, they may be scammers.

What do I do if I suspect I am being Scammed

If you perceive you’re being scammed by a collection agency posing as Turtle Creek Assets, it is advisable that you hang up instantly and block their number. Also, report the matter to the Federal Communications Commission for further investigation into the legitimacy of the company.

Below is a list of steps you can take to guard yourself if you suspect the caller is a scammer:

  • Request for the caller’s name and company’s contact information.
  • Reject offering personal or financial information.
  • End the call and block their number.
  • In a letter, request for proof of your debt.
  • Reach out to your original creditor to be sure the collection agency is linked to them.
  • Inform authorities
  • Report debt collection scams to FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state attorney general.

About Turtle Creek Assets

Turtle Creek Assets is a third-party debt collector located in Dallas, Texas. The company has been active in the global receivables trading and debt collection industry for over twenty years.

Contact Information

5331 Spring Valley Rd

Dallas, TX 75254-3009,



Phone: (800) 467-4748

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