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Stop calls from United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC

Stop calls from United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC

If you currently find yourself on the receiving end of a tirade from third-party debt collectors like United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC, you may have noticed just how cruel some debt collectors can be, and you may be wondering where debt collection agencies actually draw the line.

From receiving endless calls to being threatened with violence over your unpaid debts, it is pertinent to note that such behaviors are strictly outlawed by the Federal Trade Commission through laws like the FDCPA and TCPA. Additionally, callers who resort to violence to try and collect on a debt may not be debt collectors but extortionists and scammers who put calls through to unsuspecting victims in a bid to exploit their ignorance for material gain.

Most importantly, if you find yourself in a stressful and harassing situation over your unpaid debts, it is important to know that debt collection harassment is illegal, and the law demands that debt collectors respect your rights. Reach out to us on 844-791-1990 to get professional help now.

About United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC

United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC is a debt collections service that specializes in healthcare revenue management, accelerated receivables management, accelerated receivables solutions, and patient accounting services.

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Phone: (877) 599-2008

Tips for negotiating effectively with United Merchant Asset Recovery LLC

1. Avoid engaging them in a conversation. Hang up when they are being abusive and do not provide any personal information to them (such as your social security number or bank account details) as it may end up being used to your disadvantage.

2. Request for verification in written form; legitimate debt collectors know that this is the law. It is your right under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to demand written proof of the alleged debt.

3. Let the caller know that you know your rights by requesting specific legal details if the caller threatens to take you to court. If you are sued, it should be contained within a written notice of the lawsuit. It is illegal for debt collectors to pose as court officials and you may be able to sue them for impersonation under the FDCPA.

4. Take notes of the conversation for reference purposes. This can help you file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or with your consumer rights attorney because they require a large repository of information to take up action against the erring debt collection agency.

5. Hire and work with an attorney. Once the caller recognizes that you are represented by an attorney, all calls to you will stop and be immediately directed to the office of the attorney you are represented by.

6. Find out if your phone company offers a call screening service that ensures callers announce who they are before their call goes through. A service like Google voice number is free and it lets you differentiate the calls that you receive and the ones that go to voice mail.

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