You are currently viewing What if National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) is harassing me?
What if National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) is harassing me?

What if National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) is harassing me?

What if National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) is harassing me?

Debt collectors who want to employ dubious methods in collecting the debt that you owe are counting on you not knowing your rights. If you are experiencing debt collection harassment, from National Enterprise Systems ( NES ), knowing what your rights are in the context of debt collection is the first step in the right direction, the next best step is contacting a qualified attorney.

A qualified attorney is equipped to give you an in-depth explanation of how legislation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) works and how it can provide you relief in these stormy times. In the meantime, let us find out who National Enterprise Systems( NES ) is.

About National Enterprise Systems ( NES )

National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) is a debt collection agency that collects third party debt. The company is an account receivable collection agency servicing credit grantors from retail, automotive, financial services, and telecommunications industries in all fifty states. They are headquartered in Solon, Ohio.

Contact Information

National Enterprise Systems ( NES )
29125 Solon Road
Solon, OH 44139

Phone: 440-542-1360

Fax: 330-963-0210


What Is Debt Collection Harassment?

State and federal laws often have slight differences when defining unlawful conduct by debt collectors are. Generally, they include:
• Threats of property seizure, arrest, or corporal punishment.
• Intimidating in telephone calls
• Lying about the amount you owe
• Lying about occupying positions of legal authority
• Publicizing your debt through the internet or any of the social media platforms
Debt collectors are not allowed to engage in unlawful conduct such as calling you excessively, calling your friends and family, misrepresenting the loan amount you owe, calling during overnight hours when you are asleep, and more.

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Phone numbers National Enterprise Systems ( NES ) may be calling you from.

  • 614-504-4039
  • 941-219-4850
  • 201-244-4671
  • 201-252-4935
  • 201-297-4797
  • 201-297-4800
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