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Harassment calls from Williams, Rush and Associates LLC?

Harassment calls from Williams, Rush, and Associates LLC?

All over the country today, millions of Americans have at least one personal debt that is in collections, so Williams, Rush, and Associates LLC has good reason to call you. They are permitted by law to collect delinquent debts that you owe via telephone or any other (legal and ethical) means they deem necessary.

Third-party debt collectors are very busy, so over the years, they have modified their collection tactics to include other forms of communication such as emails, text messages, and social media. If you’ve ever fallen behind in payments, you know that getting contacted by a third-party debt collector is quite inconvenient, and it becomes much worse with their new collection methods because it may seem like you cannot catch even a little break from the constant badgering.

Regardless of what mode of communication is used to contact you, debt collectors are not allowed to act in a way that violates your rights. They are not allowed to intimidate you, threaten you, cuss at you, or misinterpret details about your debt to you. If Williams, Rush, and Associates LLC is guilty of any of the above, then you may have a right to sue them for compensation. If they are found guilty, they will be liable to pay court fines, attorney courts, and statutory and additional damages to you. Call us now on 844-791-1990.

If you don’t know what counts as debt collection harassment, here are a number of things that a third-party debt collector is prohibited from doing under the FDCPA

Practices that Williams, Rush, and Associates LLC is prohibited from engaging in:

  • The debt collector cannot communicate with you regarding any debt you may owe at any unusual time or place. According to the FDCPA, the best time for communicating with a consumer is after 8:00 a.m. and before 9:00 p.m, so if your debt collector is calling you at midnight when you’re already asleep or during early hours of the morning when you haven’t gotten up from bed, they are violating your debt collection rights.
  • Your debt collector is expected to refrain from contacting you if you are represented by an attorney. The only condition under which they may do so is if your attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time or if they approve that all communications be directed to you. But most of the time, it is expected for all communication to cease between you and a debt collector once you are being represented by an attorney.
  • A debt collector may not contact you at work, especially if they have been told not to phone you or at your place of employment. All calls to your workplace should stop immediately you tell your debt collector to desist from it.
  • Providing information to unauthorized third parties about your debt would be equivalent to defaming you to third parties. This is an offense under the FDCPA.
  • Although “harassing behavior” is a broad category, and is subject to broad interpretation, debt collectors are advised to desist from any acts that will inconvenience you or cause you distress such as issuing threats, furnishing you with wrong information to elicit emotion, and ignoring your cease and desist letter.
  • If a debt collector threatens to treat you like a criminal or use acts of violence to retrieve a debt, they are way out of line. Using profanity, obscenities, and/or abusive languages also prohibited.
  • A debt collector is not allowed to place countless phone calls with the intention to harass, annoy, or violate your privacy.
  • If a debt collector fails to identify themselves as one, they are in a serious violation of the TCPA.
  • A debt collector is prohibited from making deceptive, false, or misleading misrepresentations of themselves or the amount you owe them. For example, a debt collector is not allowed to impersonate a police officer or to falsify court documents.
  • A debt collector can not falsely imply that the communication they send to a consumer comes from an attorney or that they themselves are an attorney.
  • A debt collector is not allowed to misuse (or even threaten to misuse) your credit information.

If your debt collection agent has behaved towards you in any of the ways outlined above, do not hesitate to seek professional help by calling us on 844-791-1990 today.

About Williams, Rush and Associates LLC

Williams Rush & Associates works with businesses to resolve delinquent accounts and provides a full range of collection solutions by maximizing the percentage of bad debt recovery.

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4144 N Central Expy STE 945, Dallas, TX 75204-2112



Phone: (855) 869-9847

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