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Getting bothered by Windham Professionals?

Getting bothered by Windham Professionals?

Do you bother about what to do about the constant harassing calls you get from Windham Professionals? Have you been told to pay an additional amount to your current debt? Do you get calls from Telephone Solicitation Representatives late at night or at the early hours of the day? Do you have proof that your debt information has been leaked out to an unauthorized third party? Are you constantly being insulted or shamed by Telephone Solicitation Representatives representing third-party debt collection agents?

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act) and TCPA (Telephone Consumers Protection Act) are bodies of laws initiated by the authorities aimed at sufficiently safeguarding consumers from undue exploitation by Debt Collectors. We will discuss them in detail later, but first, do you know that it is your right to have a stress and intimidation-free debt collection process?

If a debt collector has violated any of your consumer rights in their dealings with you, you have a right to sue them for a statutory compensation up to $1000, you may also get part, or all of your debt waived. Call us now on 844-791-1990.

Has Windham Professionals violated your FDCPA rights?

As the name suggests, the Fair Debt Collection Practices act sees to it that Debt Collectors do their job in a manner that ensures that the customers are not harassed or ill-treated. For any law violated, a Debt Collector maybe liable to pay damages up to $1000. Some of the violations that qualify as harassment charges include:

  1. When Debt Collectors call you more than 7 times a day, they are not acting in line with the Act.
  2. When Debt Collectors ask for an additional fee or interest to your debt, this too is a violation of the Act.
  3. A customer is not supposed to be contacted before and after 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, respectively.
  4. Debt Collectors are not required to reveal your debt information to a third party. For whatever reason, even though the third party is one’s relative, the permission of the consumer must be sought before any step is taken. Failure to stick to these is an outright violation of the Act.

If Windham Professionals has violated the FDCPA in any of the above ways, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $1000, minus other charges. Call us today on 844-791-1990 to begin determining the viability of your case. 

Windham Professionals is calling the wrong person. What can I do?

If your third-party debt collector is calling the wrong person, you should record the conversation first and foremost. This is because a court might rule the case in favor of the erring debt collection agency in a case where there there is no tangible evidence. This makes it doubly important to keep records of the calls you have received that were offensive or harassing. The records you keep should include:

  • The date and time of the call
  • The number the debt collector called you at if you have more than one line
  • The number the debt collector called from
  • The name and other personal details of the debt collector
  • A brief summary of the conversation, including any foul language, threats, or other possible violations

It is helpful to know that you need the other party’s permission to record the conversation in about a dozen states of the federation. If you are a resident in these states and fail to gain the permission of the other party before making a recording, your evidence may not be admissible in court.

A good idea is to tell the debt collector that the call is being recorded. This proves to be effective because debt collectors are less likely to be offensive or abusive when they know that everything they say is being recorded. it is also important to remain neutral during the conversation yourself.

Has Windham Professionals violated your TCPA rights?

The TCPA or Telephone Consumers Protection Act came into existence in the year 1991. If you have ever been at the receiving end of the malpractices of Debt Collectors, especially their Telephone Solicitation Representatives, you would commend the authorities for establishing this Act. Prior to the formulation of the Act, there was little or no checks on the mode of operation of Debt Collectors or telemarketers operating their business through the telephone.

The TCPA stipulates the following:

  1. The T.S.R must provide his/her name and the name of the Debt Collector represented at the beginning of a call.
  2. Debt Collectors must accept your wish not to be contacted again.
  3. It is a violation of the TCPA, if Debt Collectors contact costumers through prerecorded messages or artificial messages for advertisement purposes.
  4. The caller must not place the charges of the call on the recipient without their prior approval.

If your TCPA rights have been trampled upon in any way, you can file a lawsuit against the defaulting Debt Collector. The debt collector being found guilty of any of these violations may have to pay a fine of $500 or more from the defaulting Debt Collector.

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