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Is Asset Recovery Associates calling again?

Is Asset Recovery Associates calling again?

Are you getting debt calls from Asset Recovery Associates? If you’re drowning in debt and you find yourself on the receiving end of a nasty, intimidating, and never-ending string of phone calls together with harassing letters from Asset Recovery Associates, then you have an idea of the lengths that debt collectors are willing to go to collect a debt or get you to settle a delinquent account.

It can be an incredibly stressful situation to be unable to keep up with your loan payments, which ultimately leads you to default on your account. This is most likely why your original lender got a third-party debt collector involved.

Debt collection agencies are notorious for harassing consumers into resolving their debts through various annoying and even intimidating means such as frequent calls at work and at home, informing (and sometimes even threatening you) about your outstanding debts.

Thankfully, the law is on your side. There are several collection laws that make it illegal for debt collectors to harass you over your unpaid debts, regardless of the amount you owe. Below is a guide to dealing with debt from Asset Recovery Associates. 

Your FDCPA Rights that Asset Recovery Associates must not violate

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) monitors the conduct of debt collection agencies in the context of debt collection. Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten, harass, or intimidate you, else, you may be able to sue them and get them to pay you compensation for the violation of your rights.

Do you want to know more about the FDCPA and your rights? Read it all here.

Your TCPA Rights that Asset Recovery Associates must not violate 

The frequent unwanted calls you are currently receiving may have led you to give up hope, however, your telephone rights are protected by the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Debt collectors, banks, and telemarketers are not permitted to call you without first getting your permission to do so or if you have requested them to desist from contacting you further. Read more here.

About Asset Recovery Associates

At Asset Recovery Associates, is a debt collection agency that settles delinquent consumer accounts. This includes you, your original creditor, and us. By working directly with you, we sincerely hope that you are satisfied with the final outcome.   ARA is a leader in finding workable solutions for resolving your specific bill.

Contact Information

1919 S Highland Ave STE 225A

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Phone: (800) 706-3401

How to stop debt harassment from Asset Recovery Associates

  • Know your rights
  • Take action by verifying if the person contacting you is indeed Asset Recovery Associates and that the account they speak about is yours
  • Figure out the next steps towards a workable repayment plan
  • Get legal help. Call 844-791-1990 now.

Remember, you have a right to a stressless and intimidation-free debt collection process, regardless of how much you owe, or how long you have defaulted on your loan payments. If your debt collector gives you the impression that the debt you owe gives them the right to contact you at any time they please, they have seriously erred on the side of debt collection laws. Feel free to reach out to us for further advice via this website, or call us on 844-791-1990 today.

Asset Recovery Associates is often referred to or searched for by other names. These include:

ARA Collection, Associates Asset Recovery, ARA Incorporated, Asset Recovery Associates Virginia Beach, ARA Inc Villa Park Il, ARA Collection Agency

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