You are currently viewing Are you still being contacted by TrueAccord after asking them to stop?

Are you still being contacted by TrueAccord after asking them to stop?

Are you still being contacted by TrueAccord after asking them to stop?

Are you tired of getting harassing calls from TrueAccord? Are you getting abusive or excessive calls? have they continued to call you after telling them to stop calling you? Have they told you if you owe a bill that they have every right to contact you? calls every day?  Giving you false or misleading to collect the debt? Debt collectors have to comply with the fair debt collections practices act ( FDCPA )  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, also known as the FDCPA, protects consumers’ rights in the context of debt collection. Consumers can be awarded up to $1000 per FDCPA claim and at times their debt waved.

Top 10 violations from debt collectors

  • Calling you repeatedly or continuously. The FDCPA considers repeat calls or calls in excess of 7 times a day as harassment.
  • Calling before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm. Calls during these times are considered harassment.
  • Using obscene, profane, or abusive language. Using this kind of language is considered harassment.
  • Asking you to pay interest, fees, or expenses that are not allowed by law. The collector can’t add on any extra fees that your original credit or loan agreement doesn’t allow.
  •  Asking you to pay more than you owe. The collector cannot misrepresent the amount you owe
  • Threatening to sue you, harm you, or destroy your credit
  • Threaten action they can not or will not take. Collectors can’t threaten to sue or file charges against you, garnish wages, take your property, cause job loss, or ruin your credit when the collector cannot or does not intend to take the action.
  • Calling repeatedly for the wrong person
  • Failing to notify you of your right to dispute the debt
  •  Illegally inform a third party about your alleged debt. Unless you have expressly given permission, collectors are not allowed to inform anyone about your debt except your attorney, the creditor,  the creditor’s attorney, a credit reporting agency, your spouse, or your parent(s)(if you are 17 or younger)

About TrueAccord

TrueAccord is a debt collection agency that collects third party debt

Contact Information


303 2nd Street
Suite 750 South
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: 866-611-2731


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