Are you being Harassed by Nationwide Recovery systems?

Are you being Harassed by Nationwide Recovery systems?

If you fail to pay a bill, Nationwide Recovery systems may be on your credit reports.

Nationwide Recovery systems is a nationally recognized organization based in Texas. They provide debt recovery services and will likely contact you if you’re falling back on a debt.

If you are being contacted by collection agencies like Nationwide Recovery systems, it is good that you understand your rights before you make decisions. There are federal laws that protect your interest as a consumer. You do not have to endure harassment and threats from debt collectors because you are fully covered by the FDCPA.

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), is a federal law that regulates the actions of collection agencies by forbidding the practice of unfair, deceitful and abusive methods of debt collection.

The FDCPA does not want you to endure harassment.

When collection agencies harass you

Debt collectors employ different methods in an attempt to recover debts from debtors. Some of the methods they employ sometimes are discomforting and threatening to the consumer.

You may have a case against debt collectors if they do any of the following to you

  • Calling you multiple times per day/week
  • Calling your work place
  • Using profane and abusive words on you
  • Calling you late at night or very early in the morning
  • Trying to scare and intimidate you
  • Calling you repeatedly for a debt you do not owe

If Nationwide Recovery systems is doing any of the above to you, they are violating the FDCPA and you have the right to sue them or you could use their violations to your advantage.

Use Collection agencies Violations to your advantage

Instead of suing a collection agency for harassing you and violating the FDCPA, you can choose to use their violation to your advantage by leveraging on it to negotiate your debt.

Collection agencies are aware that when you rightly sue them for violation, it will be costly on them, so they will be willing to negotiate with you.
It is important that you have strong proof showing that they have actually violated the FDCPA. The strength of your evidences determine how much leverage you can get.

You need facts like saved messages and letters, recordings of their phone calls, testimony from family, friends or coworkers that they called and so on. to properly negotiate with debt collectors. Use their violations to change the payment terms to one more comfortable for you.

About Nationwide Recovery Systems

Founded in 1979, Nationwide Recovery Systems’ (NRS) entire focus is on helping our clients maximize their cash flow and minimize their bad debt expenses. NRS is a nationally recognized full service Commercial, Healthcare and Consumer Accounts Receivable Management Company with operations in Dallas and Tyler, TX.

Contact Information

4635 McEwen Rd

Dallas, TX 75244-5308,



Phone: (972) 798-1000

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