You are currently viewing Harassment calls from Spire Recovery Solutions?

Harassment calls from Spire Recovery Solutions?

Harassment calls from Spire Recovery Solutions?

If you are getting calls from Spire Recovery Solutions LLC, you may be scared about the possibility of getting sued. The truth is that Spire Recovery Solutions LLC has the right to sue you to court over your unpaid loans, especially if you have been refusing to respond to their correspondence, then suing you may be the best way they feel they can get your attention.

Being sued by Spire Recovery Solutions LLC is a very scary thing to consider – the legal proceeding, court summonses, and the hassle of getting a qualified attorney to represent you in your debt collection case aren’t things everyone is prepared to handle. The worst part about the prospect of getting sued by Spire Recovery Solutions LLC is the fact that it is possible for them to have a default judgment issued against you. Such judgments can give the creditor a legal right to garnish your wages, have a warrant issued for your arrest, or to take other measures to recover the debt, which are unfortunately now backed by the court of law.

If you know the legal proceedings of debt collection, then you may know that if a creditor has filed a lawsuit against you to get you to repay your debt, the best option for you is to seek the services of a qualified and experienced consumer rights lawyer to represent you and fight for your rights throughout the case.  If you fail to seek the services of a qualified consumer rights attorney, then the chances of losing your court case against Spire Recovery Solutions LLC or having a default judgment leveled against you increase drastically.

If you have received a court summons from Spire Recovery Solutions LLC, it is in your best interest to contact us on 844-791-1990 and let us put our many years of experience to work on your behalf. Call us now,

How to avoid a default judgment from Spire Recovery Solutions LLC

Read every piece of correspondence sent to you by your debt collection agent

Your debt collection agency will most likely send you a notification informing you that they have initiated legal against you. If you are in a debt collection battle, e sure to keep a close eye on your mail and read every mail you receive from your debt collection agency no matter how scary it may seem.

Take action

In between the time you receive a court summons and the time you respond, you may already have had a default judgment leveled against you. This holds true because you only get a short amount of time to respond to a lawsuit before it goes to default, so every minute is precious. In some states, you get 30 days to answer the lawsuit, some other states give a longer deadline to respond depending on how you were served the papers. If you do not know how long your state gives you to respond to a lawsuit, respond immediately you receive a court summons.

Get a Lawyer

The first important thing you need to make your debt collection court case successful is a skilled attorney. if you don’t seek the services of a qualified debt collection attorney, you have a much higher chance of losing your case or agreeing to a settlement that may have detrimental effects on your (or your credit score) in the long run.

Show up in Court

The easiest way to get a default judgment leveled against you is to not show up in court. If you don’t respond to your court summons or show up in court on the date your court case is scheduled for, it is as good as ceding victory to your debt collection agency, as they can easily have a default judgment leveled against you.

Do not try to negotiate

The fact that you place several phone calls to your debt collector asking them to be more lenient or explaining your financial situation does not mean that they will withdraw their lawsuit against you. Your best bet is to face the matter head-on. A good option is to file an answer to the lawsuit, except you believe that the debt collector will hold off on getting a default against you. This is very risky.

Weigh your options

Do not think that the court summons that you have received from Spire Recovery Solutions LLC is the end of the world; you still have many options available to you. Defending the case in court may be the best move for you, however, you may also file for bankruptcy or consider other settlement strategies.

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Spire Recovery Solutions, LLC is a full service accounts receivable management company specializing in collection and recovery solutions nationally.

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