You are currently viewing Receiving intimidating calls from iQor?

Receiving intimidating calls from iQor?

Receiving intimidating calls from iQor?

 iQor collection agency bothering you with unending calls? Being in debt is a frustrating experience for all of us, and it becomes more of a difficult experience when you have a debt collector threatening to bring fire and hailstorm down on you.

Debt collection agencies such as iQor sometimes go to an extreme by threatening, being abusive, or even threatening to arrest you in order to recover a debt. All of this can easily put you in a very confusing and frustrating situation. Wouldn’t it be great to know that there is a way out? That there is a way that you can make them stop?

The good news is there is a way to make debt collection agencies like iQor stop bothering you. the process is completely straight forward, and by hiring a qualified consumer rights attorney, you can also make it hassle-free! Call us now on 844-791-1990, and we will be happy to connect you with pre-qualified legal assistance.

 iQor collection agency is calling me

These are laws that were signed by President George H. W Bush in 1991 in response to the alarming rise of complaints made by consumers about unsolicited calls made by telemarketers using automated and prerecorded messages. This law had extended to cover more modern means of communication, and what it means is that there are laws that protect you from being hounded by ceaseless telephone calls. The TCPA limits the use of:

  • Automatic dialing systems
  • Artificial or prerecorded messages
  • Auto dialers
  • Advertisement Robocalls for which you haven’t granted your permission
  • Voice managing systems
  • Calls for which a charge would be made to you

Although debt collectors are exempt from the do-not-call registry, they are not permitted to make excessive robocalls to you, especially to advertise a product or debt reduction service.

If iQor collection agency has infringed on your TCPA rights in any way, you have a right to sue them and may be awarded compensation for damages caused. This can be as much as $1500 depending on the violation.

Call us now on 844-791-1990, if you believe that your TCPA rights are being violated by iQor collection agency. Learn more here

How the FDCPA protects your debt collection rights with iQor collection agency

These are laws put in place by the Government that every debt collection agency must abide by when trying to recover debt from consumers. The laws of the FDCPA seeks to protect the rights of consumers like you from being mistreated by debt collectors who sometimes resort to not so friendly means in order to collect a debt. The laws ensure that debt collectors do not abuse the right they have to collect a debt by violating the rights of the consumers. It also provides the consumer with the right to dispute and receive details of their debt to ensure they do not fall victim to fraudsters.

It is important to note that he FDCPA laws cover individual and family ventures, not business debts or individuals whose debt is related to a business venture.

How to know if iQor collection agency is breaking the FDCPA laws.

If a debt collector has violated any of your consumer rights in their dealings with you, you have a right to sue them for a statutory compensation up to $1000, you may also get part, or all of your debt waived. Read more about what you should know here.

What is iQor collection agency?

iQor collection agency is an enterprise that provides customer-related outsourcing services to organizations and establishments. They specialize in customer service, accounts receivable management, and third-party debt collection.

Where is iQor collection agency located?

335 Madison Ave

27th Floor

New York, NY 10017

(646) 274-3030

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