You are currently viewing Harassment calls from West Asset Management Inc.?

Harassment calls from West Asset Management Inc.?

Harassment calls from West Asset Management Inc.?

Have you noticed that West Asset Management Inc. has been calling you over unpaid debts (that you may not have acquired from them)? If you have then it is probably because your delinquent debt account has either been transferred or sold to them. 

If you don’t resolve your debts, whether they be bank loans, credit card loans, or medical debt for a lengthy period of time, the lender may decide to send your file to a third party debt collection agency, who according to the law is licensed to collect on a debt. A third-party collector is expected to employ every (legal and ethical) method you get you to resolve the debt you owe.

Although this is what is expected, third-party debt collectors will often want to do everything in their power (which involves using illegal and unscrupulous methods) to collect the defaulted loan because they get paid based on how much debt they can get customers to resolve.

If a debt collector has violated any of your consumer rights in their dealings with you, you have a right to sue them for a statutory compensation up to $1000, you may also get part, or all of your debt waived.

Is West Asset Management Inc. bothering you via Telephone? 

The laws of the TCPA govern what is deemed as acceptable and unacceptable behavior by telephone operatives calling you on behalf of a debt collection agency. According to these laws, it is deemed inappropriate behavior if:

  • Telephone operatives contact you before 8 am and after 9 pm
  • They refuse to heed to your decision not to be contacted again.
  • They withhold their name.
  • They withhold the name of the financial outfit they represent.
  • They send calls or texts to your phone that are prerecorded for the purpose of advertisement.
  • They insult, harass, or threaten you
  • They do not seek your prior permission before contacting you.


Is West Asset Management Inc. harassing you over your unpaid debts?

If West Asset Management Inc. is harassing you because you have unpaid debts to them, they may be in serious trouble with the law, as they have violated your FDCPA  rights.

The FDCPA frowns upon debt collection harassment by declaring harmful practices such as excessive harassing calls, threatening messages, abuse, and profanity illegal.

If you suspect that West Asset Management Inc. is treating you without regard for your FDCPA rights, call us now on 844-791-1990, we will be happy to provide you with all the support you need.

About West Asset Management Inc.

West Asset Management Inc. is widely known for its global fixed income products.

Contact Information

11808 Miracle Hills Dr, Omaha, NE 68154-4403



Phone: (888) 433-2886

When do I need to get a Lawyer?

If you are served with a notice stating that a lawsuit has been filed against you by West Asset Management Inc, then finding an attorney who specializes in consumer law to represent you in court is the next right move. Luckily, the provisions made bt the FDCPA means that you do not have to pay your attorney out of your pocket, as the offending debt collection agency is responsible for your attorney fees in addition to other fines.

If you lose your court case against West Asset Management Inc., you may have your wages garnished, however, losing or winning a court case is often determined by the strength of your evidence and the tenacity of your defense team. Some suits are filed by debt collectors with little proof of the original debt owed, therefore their case may not hold up in court.

Depending on the state, the statute of limitations may have expired on the debt; this means that your debt collection agency is no longer entitled to sue you to court over these debts.

It is also highly advisable to have a consumer rights attorney to walk you through the whole process of debt collection to ensure that your rights are being respected and that you work out favorable settlements throughout the entire process.

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