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Is Westhill Exchange calling relentlessly?

Is Westhill Exchange calling relentlessly?

Being in debt is never a fun place to be in, but it’s definitely one that has been experienced by almost every adult. If a debt collection agent from Westhill Exchange is calling you, then it is most likely because you have defaulted on your loan payments to your original lender, and therefore, your account has been transferred or sold.

Debt collection is a huge industry today. Americans now hold over $12.73 trillion dollars in consumer debt, with over $1 trillion of that from credit cards. This is probably why debt collectors are more eager than ever to resolve delinquent accounts, and this has spurred the creation of many illegitimate tactics, which reach far beyond the boundaries of what is considered legal and ethical debt collection.

Regardless of how much you owe, what you must know is that the law is on your side. Laws like the FDCPA and TCPA exist to protect your rights against abuse by debt collectors during the process of debt collection.

5 Things Debt Collectors wish you wouldn’t know

1. Time is not on their side:
Debt collectors don’t want you to know that they have only a few years (depending on state collection laws) to take legal action against you in a bid to compel you to make payment on a debt. This period of time is known as the statute of limitations. Once it expires, they can no longer take you to court, although the debt itself does not go away just because the statute of limitations has passed.
2. They earn based on Commissions:
Debt collectors are encouraged and incentivized to get the most money possible from the people who owe because they only get paid when they get you to resolve your delinquent debt. Agencies pay thousands of dollars in bonuses to the people who collect the most. This is not illegal, however, it may incentivize the debt collectors to invent several dubious tactics to get consumers to resolve debts quickly.
3. There are laws that restrict their calls:
If you fall behind on a debt, you will likely be contacted by a debt collection agency by phone. Sometimes there is a debt collector on the other end of the phone, other times it’s a robocall. While debt collectors are allowed to call you to collect a debt you owe, they must abide by the following rules:
• Debt collectors are not allowed to call you after the hours of 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m.
• Debt collectors cannot contact your place of employment unless you give them permission to do so
• Debt collectors cannot call you if you have requested not to receive further phone calls from them.
4. Debt Collectors are not allowed to publicize your Debt or discuss it with unauthorized parties:
Shame is synonymous with the inability to make payments on your debt. Unscrupulous debt collectors may try to shame you into paying by revealing the amount you owe to people you care about such as your friends, family, or employer. Under no circumstance should you tolerate such blatant misconduct.
5. There is often room for negotiation
You may not know this, but debt collectors often purchase debts for pennies on a dollar. What this means is that they may not require you to pay the full amount you owe before they are able to recover profit. For this reason, they are often open to negotiations.

Regardless of how shrewdly you try to navigate the debt collection world, there may still be certain pitfalls unseen to an untrained eye. It may be in your best interest to hire an experienced attorney to act on your behalf. Call us now on 844-791-1990.

Telephone laws that protect you from Westhill Exchange

Are debt collectors from Westhill Exchange bothering you with unwanted calls? Have they continued to put these unsolicited calls through to you even after you have written, expressly telling them to stop contacting you?
Excessive calls are not only harassing, but also unlawful. If a debt collector has continued to call you, especially after you have sent them a cease and desist letter, they maybe acting in a manner that violates your Telephone Consumer Protection Rights. You can sue such a debt collector and get a compensation of up to $500 for each harassment charge.

You do not have to receive a specified number of calls from a debt collection organization in order for them to have violated your TCPA rights; even just a few calls can be very intimidating.

Read more about how to stop unwanted calls from debt collectors here, or call us now on 844-791-1990.

FDCPA laws that protect you from Westhill Exchange

There are procedures prescribed by law that debt collection agencies must adhere to. According to the law, a debt collection agency must:

  • Send you a written statement in which details of the loan they claim you owe is contained. This must be sent to you within five days from the date of the initial contact. The statement will help you determine if the account they speak of is legitimate, and you should ask the collection agency to include the name of the original creditor, the interest rates on the loan, the expiry date of the loan, and the exact amount of money you owe.
  • Identify themselves as a debt collection agency and state the name and address of their establishment.
  • Inform you about your right to dispute the debt within 30 days counting from the date of initial contact.
  • Respect your desire to not be contacted further, especially if you have expressed this desire in writing.
  • Never use forceful, unethical, or harassing methods to collect a debt.
  • Provide the necessary information about the terms of the loan and the variety of repayment options available.
  • Manage your payments properly by posting them when they are made and allocating funds accurately.
  • Never make excessive robocalls that prevent individuals from speaking with a human representative.
  • Respect your consumer rights under the FDCPA and TCPA laws.

If a debt collector has violated any of your consumer rights in their dealings with you, you have a right to sue them for a statutory compensation up to $1000, you may also get part, or all of your debt waived.

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