You are currently viewing Debt Collection Harassment from Genesis Credit Management Debt?

Debt Collection Harassment from Genesis Credit Management Debt?

Debt Collection Harassment from Genesis Credit Management Debt?

Genesis Credit Management is a third party debt collection agency located in the United States. They have the assignment of contacting debtors to discuss their debts on behalf of creditors.
It is lawful for debt collectors to call you about your outstanding debt. That is their job.
What isn’t their job is harassing, threatening or disturbing you. Debt collectors are prohibited by certain laws from harassing and disturbing you in a bid to get you to pay up your debts.

What debt collectors are not allowed to do to you

Debt collectors are to abide by the laws of the FDCPA by employing only fair and honest practices in their debt collection methods. They should never do any the following to you:

  • Call you nonstop
  • Threaten or use profane words on you
  • Call you before 8am and after 9pm
  • Call your workplace after you have asked them not to
  • Discuss your debt with third parties

If your rights get violated by Debt Collectors

If any of the above laws are violated by Genesis Credit Management, you have a case against them. You can sue them and get them to pay up to a $1000 dollars for damages but first, you must communicate with them, letting them know that they are violating your rights and making you uncomfortable. When debt collectors see your awareness, they will likely stop their illegal practices, but if they don’t, you can sue them to court.

Suing a collection agency

Suing a collection agency is not always the best thing to do but certain situations may demand that you do it. When collection agencies continually violate the FDCPA, you may not have a choice but to sue them.

If you decide to sue a collection agency, you should speak with an attorney. Your attorney will represent you and get you prepared for what is ahead. It is also important that you have kept records and have proof of the violation.

About Genesis Credit Management

Genesis Credit Management , LLC is a debt collection company based in Everett, WA. They specialize in apartment lease collections, which their website calls the “multi-family industry.”.

Contact Information

906 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett, WA 98208



Phone: (509) 836-5558

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Genesis Credit Management  may be contacting you from the following numbers:



(509) 836-5558

(866) 863-9194



Genesis Credit Management  BBB Information

BBB file opened: 2/7/2006

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BBB Rating: A+



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